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Modifying/Adding "Abilities", is it possible?


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Abilities, such as "Zombify" or "Regeneration"

I can't find a file that that defines these.

Was wanting to try and add a new zombie type that explodes into a toxic mist on death, that spawns from a specific type of new reaper.

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On 4/15/2023 at 7:56 PM, Zaramorte said:

have u tried Xdivision? it add dozen of xenomorphs and several new reaper (and a lot of other things)

Did just recently but the installer crashes after I select the 4 checkboxes. Renamed all the folders to what it says to name them to but can't seem to get it to work. Any way to get at these files without using an installer? Tried just unpacking them, but errors.

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u could try a few thing

i suppose u followed install instruction by making a fresh installation

Xdivision is a massive mod, so avoid other big mods (graphic ones mostly are harmless)

to be sure u have the correct load order u could use the default setup tool in modding tools. sometimes it result in reording but deactiving all mods, so here's a screenshoot of the mods i have in use (some are not required to make it work of course)



another tip: open C:\u\appdata\roaming\goldhawk interactive\internal\scripts and delete all (scripts will be restored when u'll load the game): it could fix some problems and bugs, if script related. Here, in the Xenonatus folder, u'll find the log file too, that sometimes could be useful to find crash cause

I hope it help u to make Xdivision work

ps another little tip... in xdivision, to change rockets type when u equip man in the dropship, u have to do it manually, putting the rocket launcher in the hand of the owner: then u can drag it in the backpack

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