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Xenonauts Noobness


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Since generally I am not a noob but I did act like one. I was starting to get frustrated with the game not looking good. Everything seemed not right. I wasn' t feeling right playing the game. It just wasn't working. I then realized why everything just didn't have the xcom feel. I was running in 1900X1200. That was causing the game not to feel right :D

Once I put it down to a more reasonable resolution the game looks awesome. 1440 X 900 made the game look tons better :) perhaps a recommended resolution might be good to include with the game :)

I wonder what resolution everyone is running their game at?

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Native resolution, and it looks just fine there. It's actually a pretty nice looking game, as far as isometrics go. Easily puts Spiderweb to shame, and Spiderweb has more funds, manpower, experience and time to make their graphics.

What's your display size? Is 1920x1200 native res?

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1280x1024 (native) and I think it looks great. I also have a whidescreen that I'm not using right now, but I think I'll keep it at a similiar low-ish resolution even when I switch back.

edit: I mean whats the point of having everything be tiny, you cant really see further around the troops anyways because of the fog of war so all you get is a bunch of empty space and an eye straining experience.

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