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Chinook Disengage


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Today I was chasing after a landing craft with the F-17s (silly me) and a Chinook because it was landing every few minutes. Unfortunately as I reached it it took off again so I decided to engage to see what would happen. I lost. Then I lost the chinook.

It struck me as odd that given it was me being the aggressor that the Chinook got shot down. I can understand it gets shot down when you are being pursued or attacked by the enemy but not the other way around.

Its not a massive issue in that you can choose not to engage when the aircraft takes off again, but then it would be preferable if you could split the squadron into Chinook and F-17s first so that you can engage with the only the fighter aspect (which others have suggested) - tbh this would be achieved through just making it so that the Chinook remains affected by aggressive aliens and not passive ones.

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If you fly the Chinook close to an enemy wouldn't they take a shot at it, even if they hadn't been planning to do that previously?

If you attack with four aircraft doesn't it make sense that, after defending themselves against three, they would proceed to take out the fourth one?

Especially if it was a high value target like an unarmed dropship.

If the enemy was passive until you attacked and lost to them then they surely wouldn't have been afterwards.

Locating and eliminating a nearby weak military target seems like a perfectly reasonable response to me.

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If you attack with four aircraft doesn't it make sense that, after defending themselves against three, they would proceed to take out the fourth one?

Yes it would be reasonable if you were to fly a chinook into a gun fight - however unrealistic that is. On the geoscape the UFOs don't turn from being passive to aggressive after winning a fight - potentially chasing another squadron or chinook that is seperate and in very close proximity. Why should this situation be different?

Also if you consider real-life responses, then actually the Chinook would be flying at a few thousand feet (because its un-pressurized) and the fighters might be at 20,000+ feet so its entirely right to suggest that the supporting air cover would probably be engaging several miles away (at maximum radar range) from the flight path of the chinook. Its not WW2 where the fighter cover needs to have eyes on what its protecting. This is the exact same effect as having two separate squadrons co-located on the geoscape - except in one case you lose the drop ship and in the other you wont (because it doesn't suddenly turn aggressive).

All I mean is that as there is no way of splitting squadrons, then it seems unreasonable that the only way to avoid losing your drop ship in the above situation is to return to base and let the alien away scot-free.

I'd prefer to switch/split squadrons but if this isn't possible then I stand by my original suggestion.

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Flying a Chinook into a fight is exactly what you did by clicking the engage command.

Would it be reasonable to assume that the Chinook taking part in the assault would be as easily caught and killed once the escort is downed as it would have been without the escort?

Splitting the squadron before you engage is reasonable and would be a nice addition if possible, as discussed in other threads.

Making the dropship immune to attack in certain situations would be a workaround but wouldn't make much sense.

The enemy have exactly the same sensors and capability when you attack them as when they attack you.

If they were to come for you then your fighters would meet them at range from the craft they are protecting rather than fighting up close, in the same way they would fight in your real life example.

To follow the logic of the example that means the Chinook should be able to fly away unscathed in that situation also.

I would find it unreasonable that the Chinook would be treated differently in these two very similar situations.

If you click engage the dropship can't be destroyed, if they click engage first then it can.

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I don't mess with any enemy ships in the area where my Chinook is heading. If a UFO starts to get close to the Chinook I usually abort and head back to base AND I always have at least one escort fighter with my Chinook after the enemy starts using fighters. I can only imagine that this will get even more dangerous as the AI improves. The Chinook and succeeding troop transports will no doubt be very high value targets to the AI.

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