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I played the demo for Xenonauts and fell in love with it but I was wondering what the full version offers, for instance fighting on the same two ground maps is getting tedious. Could someone give me a short list of what the full game offers currently? I would really appreciate it!

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It wasn't really a "demo", but the (then) latest, full alpha build of the game. Since then there's been one major version update that has added some features/bugfixes.

The changelist for it is here, and there was smaller update to that build, changelist here.

In short, no new maps yet.

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As Kaguya says there is no full version of the game yet. It was a demonstration version (ie the most stable and bug free version) developed to be distributed free as part of the kickstarter campaign.

The full game is intended to have about 30 weapons and items (i think) distributed over 4 tiers of technology, 7 armours, 12(?) different aliens 6 or 7 tilesets afaik. (oh boy I'm really unsure about these numbers for some reason. I need to go look them up)

The team is also going to hire a level designer to expand the number of maps. They have also provided a map editor to allow the community to help build maps and submaps to increase the number.

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