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How to do a "clean" reinstall of Xenonauts 2!

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A "clean" reinstall of Xenonauts 2 will often fix the issue if you are experiencing crashes when trying to boot up the game or load a new campaign.

These crashes are usually caused by install corruption issues or extra (often old) files floating around which confuse the game and cause it to crash. Uninstalling / reinstalling the game via Steam often will not fix these issues because a Steam uninstall only removes the files it thinks are part of the game, which can leave extra files behind.

To do a clean install, do the following:

  • Find the directory in which the game is installed and delete it via File Explorer (not Steam).
  • Test the game and see if it it runs.
  • If not, go to /My Documents/My Games/ and delete the "Xenonauts 2" folder (backup the /Saves/ folder first if you have recent save games you want to keep)

That should hopefully fix your issues. If it does not, please post up a bug report here on our forums and we'll do our best to get it fixed for you!

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