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Sound levels

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Is it possible to have ingame sounds played when adjusting the sound levels in audio settings?
This way you can manage to adjust with examples, you can play it faster even.

I don't know what is considered to be ambient and what sound effects..

Though I thought having found the right settings for me, once the grenade launcher fired and unintendedly vaporized a wall I almost fell out of my chair due to the loud blast. Even the falling debris sounded louder than gun fire.
Maybe the individual sound levels of the sound effects are not equalized enough?



Oh and by the way, please do not set the standard game volume to 100% by default.
Game is extreme loud before you can even go to settings and throttle it down.

This is a common nuisance by many many games.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks. Yes, we can set up the sliders to play a sound to allow you to calibrate things better.

Many of the problems are just due to badly equalised sounds, though. It's quite a difficult job to balance them unless you have a sound engineer and we don't have one of those unfortunately. We'll just need to try and identify particular sounds that are too loud and fix them individually.

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Yes I thought about equalizing too.

You know back in the day when copying a CD onto a cassette, you could equalize manually on a moderate decent HIFI-System.
And then when ripping CDs to mp3 - I still do buy CDs today because I like having hardware and a real booklet für music albums - you can equalize all the audiofiles to a certain level.

I don`t know how it works with game sound files, but I guess if you put all files int a "playlist" and use such a program to equalize it would help immensely. Don`t think you have to be too perfect though. A quick research got me this.

But I am no coder and you do your thing, no obligations :)


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