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Soldier Training Centers

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Right now, it just looks like you throw your soldiers into a training center and then they slowly improve their stats over time. I don't hate this at all, but it is a little boring and uninteresting. 

I think there should be a new screen on the geoscape to manage which soldiers are currently training and what they should focus on while doing so. I think the layout for this should be similar to that of Fire Emblem Three Houses. You can instruct your students in that game to focus on 1 or 2 areas and they would passively get better in those areas as time goes on. Focusing on one stat would also gave 1.5x the amount of that stat you would get compared to focusing on to different stats (ex. if you gained 10 strength and 10 reflexes from training, you would get 15 strength if you only focused on it). Training will also get slower and slower as a soldier's stats get higher and higher. 

Three houses also has a motivation mechanic where students will be able to do more schooling if they are more motivated. Perhaps we can do a similar mechanic with the stress system where soldiers will do worse and worse at their training as their stress goes up. Injured soldiers will also not be able to participate in training (the same goes for soldiers that have gone through a mental breakdown due to stress). 

If human psionics is going to be a thing in this game, this can also be the place where soldiers would be able to train to use psionics on the battlefield. 

Lastly, I think Training should be imbedded into the personnel screen between the transfer selected and training capacity buttons. There seems to be just enough room to put another option. 

Image credit goes to "Dragon-Tube". 



Training Screen Location.png

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