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[B4X2] bigger pool

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logo.png.2bacbe18add1ab2736c1d7fe0756c76f.pngv 0.98 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection

  • works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too
  • in mod launcher: DEACTIVATE other mods that alter soldier or armour graphics!
  • ~ 50 MB per file download, was unable to upload to Steam Workshop, because of "file too big Error" :mad: although older versions are there and the split into separate smaller files, I gave up on modding Xenonauts after hours of trying to update the file there
  • Important: Download & unpack all 3 files & order in mod launcher needs to be: part 3 above part 2 above part 1

This mod changes:

  • Bigger pool makes soldier spawns much less repetitive, and makes the game a more global effort in defending earth
  • gives soldier portraits a Xenonaut 2 look
    • Goldhawk´s Potrait Editor used as well as adapting open source photos in Photoshop - it took weeks
  • more than double as many new nations to recruit from (was 21 is 57, work on name lists shared with Steelgonad)
  • many more soldier portraits (was 167 is 611)
  • 8 ethnicities (was 4 is 8)
  • adds new cities in Asia
  • tweaked basic (& basic female), jackal, wolf, buzzard armour graphics





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Hi there,

Just came back to this forum and game after a few years, I am just curious as to what this Goldhawk's Portrait Editor thing you were referring to and where can it be downloaded?

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