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Need some help on invisible sprites and Maps Please help.

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I added new alien sprites based of the movie aliens for my own personal game. It was in the Darkness mod. I added them to the Reaper and had to add a few other renamed Crouching files since my game seemed to want them to prevent them being invisible. Now the kicker for me is the Alpha Reaper wont work. All the files I copied in there, I am using the same ones for the regular reaper, and I changed the spectre file to point to the correct folder, but the Alpha units and now invisible? Nothing I can do changes it, I tried adding the files and spectre file to XCE folder but same thing. Am I missing something or do I need a hacked .exe? I noticed the mod I used the sprites from have its own .exe

The other issue is the Combat maps, I have edited the missiontypeprops_gc.xml to add more defenders and civilians to my game, but in the maps there is nowhere near the number I entered, the modding section says this is the file to edit, but its not working, does the map itself need editing to do this? Crash sites for example only have 1 friendly and 2 Civilian

Thanks in advance.

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