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How does one change the amount of resources you get from UFOs?


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I like having more resources to play with, but don't want to just give myself cheated resources via programs like Cheat Engine or Poke. However, I can't find the correct .XML files to adjust how many resources a UFO will give when I capture it or shoot it down (in the case of non-landers). While I know you can alter the amount of resources you get from non-landing UFOs in the aircrafts.XML file, that file doesn't seem to do anything for UFOs that crash land (rather than explode upon being shot down).

Where would I go to modify that?

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To edit the resources gained from clearing out landed ships/alien bases, you need to head into the tiles folder.

For ships you then go to the UFO folder, then select UFO type and look for the files named <UFO type>datacore_spectre.xml and <UFO type>datacore_damaged_spectre.xml.

For alien bases, after entering the tiles folder, you go to the alienbase folder then the props folder, and look for the files called alienbase_datacore_small_spectre.xml, alienbase_datacore_medium_spectre.xml, and alienbase_datacore_large_spectre.xml.

In all of the files I've listed plus the files that end in spectre.xml in the UFO folder, there are parameters called recoverAlienium and recoverAlienAlloys. Those are what you want to edit.

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