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  1. It can sometimes be hard to tell between an Alien shotgun and an Alien LMG. To remedy this, it'd be nice if someone could've made a mod that changes the color of the weapons. Hopefully that doesn't require redoing the weapons for every single alien, but it'd still be a nice idea.
  2. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong. I've attached the one I tried to edit. sounds.xml
  3. I've seen some XCOM music replacer mods on Steam Workshop, but they can't really be used together. Even if you copy the data from one and put it in the other, it only allows for up to 3 tracks for "Ground Combat Day", 1 track for "Air Combat", and so forth. Even then, sometimes Xenonauts' own soundtrack will override those mods. How would we go about making a better music mod? Namely, one that can accommodate a larger number of tracks for specific events.
  4. darkdill

    AWACS v1 - Final Release

    I've found some issues with this. 6 years late, I know, but still. First, when the AWACs is patrolling an area, it seems to continually rise in altitude, reaching heights of stuff like 600,000m. This is kinda silly since the real life AWACs plane only has a service ceiling of 8,800m. I believe the altitude also causes a problem with the AWACs detecting things in its radius, but I'm not certain. Second is that the AWACs slows down any squadrons it's with to a crawl. Yes, the real life AWACs isn't very fast, but this highly limits the plane's usefulness in-game. Even if it's with a squadron when they engage the enemy, the plane doesn't show up. I know that it's because the AWACs has no weapons, but I think it should be given access to a single cannon slot. If possible, maybe even make it so the cannon is rear-facing, making it a poor choice in tackling UFOs and only really useful for firing a few shots at a pursuing attacker. I'd edit that in myself, but I don't know how to make it work right.
  5. darkdill

    Xenonauts configuration files

    How would one go about changing how many resources you get after securing a UFO?
  6. I like having more resources to play with, but don't want to just give myself cheated resources via programs like Cheat Engine or Poke. However, I can't find the correct .XML files to adjust how many resources a UFO will give when I capture it or shoot it down (in the case of non-landers). While I know you can alter the amount of resources you get from non-landing UFOs in the aircrafts.XML file, that file doesn't seem to do anything for UFOs that crash land (rather than explode upon being shot down). Where would I go to modify that?