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Usually when i am in a process and stuck on a problem i find it tremendously helpful to write out what kind of problem i am stuck on or to share the problem with another person. Since there arent really many people who are modding Xenonauts anymore this is the Process Sharing thread, where i will write out problems im currently working on as if i would talk to another person, sharing the process with other people.

This thread is only for 2 types of posts.

  • To share a Xenonaut (modding) process you are currently working on.
  • To reflect upon a post of the above type of post. To give positive feedback on such post. To give constructive criticism on such post.



Only if you dare to be vulnerable you can fix your weaknesses.

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Did you know that there is only a single industrial battleship map ? -> This could be fixed.

Collapsile system for UFO submaps dont work. They dont even work when you put a valid collapsible building below a UFO submap -> guess the whole collapsible system has been disabled if a UFO layout touches it. ? Solution

Most of the work on the Xenonauts Fix Pack mod gets overwritten by X-Division content -> maps can get overtaken, everything else (non-maps) can get deleted ... or overwritten ? No good way to delete existing data ... hm.

The vanilla floors outside of the battleship never show, and nobody noticed it.



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