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Let's talk Crazy: Setting up a Post-Xenonauts 1 setting

Is this even a good idea?  

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  1. 1. Is this even a good idea?

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Well, I've been playing Xenonauts on and off and one day I simply went 'huh, the end of the game is the perfect thing to start a setting with' so I jot down some notes, played with the idea for fanfiction, even started creating a few fanfics that worked with the concept. That and creating a 'Physics + Starship Builder'


So, let's start with how things are likely going to go:

  • At the end of the game, it's raining Praetorian tech, meaning everyone and their brother is likely to reverse engineer it sooner or later which is going to do horrible things to world stability
  • By the time you get plasma, the local forces have started getting lasers out the wazoo, and likely alienium grenades/missiles too
  • It's the Cold War, so... yeah... things are going to be interesting there on out
  • A common theme of my walkthroughs is that at least a few hundred million die on Earth, even on easy. Partially because of how quickly things ramp up compared to X-COM/XCOM (at most, you've got two years to defeat the invaders, even on easy)... so yeah we've got to get through the fallout of that.
  • The entire invasion looks half-cocked from the getgo, meaning that it is likely that something got the Praetorians scared enough to go in hard and without preparation in the first place and I don't mean having their scout self-destruct either.
  • Some of what Chief Scientist Condescending said was based on an incomplete picture... particularly to alienium and the elements needed to produce alien/Praetorian alloys with a handful of others being part of the deal due to cracking the Praetorian language and encryption (as well as reading how the Praetorians exploited their thrawls gene pool for their own ends)
  • Praetorians always need two things: genes and resources. Humans provided the genes, and it would be discovered that the outer solar system would have the latter.
  • Initially, it looked like the head Praetorian of the invasion ended the threat of the Praetorians and their thrawls... but apparently the Praetorians aren't as cohesive nor good losers as once thought, so on Earth (and in the outer planets) humanity still has to fight Praetorians and their thrawls, upping the casualty count

Well, that's the basic idea that went into this... leading to the Xenonauts into a GDI style organization.


You guys are free to discuss as much as possible because I think that this might be an interesting topic as a whole...

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