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I Increased Ammo Capacity, now Weapons aren't Filled up

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I looked around but couldn't see anything about this already. I'm tweaking the X-Division mod, and I was increasing the ammo capacity on several guns, and on the medikit. However, now the guns and medikit aren't at full ammo, when I start missions.

I can reload my guns to full capacity manually, but it's annoying to have to do that every mission. And you can't reload your medipacks.

This is the change I made, changing the clipSize from 25 to 50.

	<Weapon MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="replace" name="weapon.grenade.medipack" bulletType="melee" emptySound="Empty Click 1">
		<props range="1000" hands="1" recoil="0" weight="8" isHeavy="0" clipSize="50"

Is there a step I missed in modding the ammo cap? Sorry for the trouble, but I have to ask.


Managed to find this issue in a thread with several issues. It turns out that I need to find the ammo number in the weapons.xml file.

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