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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V7.3 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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The third Hotfix for the Beta Build V7 update we put out on the Experimental Branch last week is still live. The V7 builds remain on the Experimental Branch so you'll need to switch to those branches if you want to get an update over Build V6 (which remains on the normal branches).


  • Iron Man saves should now load correctly.
  • Game should no longer crash when an alien base is detected.
  • Game should no longer hang if a soldier with Nanothread armour attempts to use a weapon.
  • If you save / load a combat mission, enemy combatants should no longer be given an extra turn at the end of their next turn.
  • Grenades should now correctly explode at end of turn (previously only one was exploding per turn).
  • Soldiers should no longer disappear from the soldier list.
  • Soldier equipment images should no longer randomly disappear when you are swapping the equipment of your soldier on the Armory screen.
  • Firing a soldier that is assigned to a dropship should no longer leave that soldier assigned to the dropship and block the dropship from taking off in future.
  • Llimited-quantity items should no longer disappear from the Armory panel if you equipp the final one to a soldier via the Loadout Equip button rather than manually drag-dropping it into their equipment.
  • Converted alien pistol weapons should now correctly appear in the Armory when constructed.
  • Ground combat damage labels should no longer bounce around.
  • Fixed an issue in some of the farm maps where there was no sun, making the map very dark and the hedges pure black.
  • The fire graphic is now back to how it was in V6, which should make it easier to see.

Although this hotfix should clear up most of the remaining serious bugs in the game, we are still expecting to have to do one more hotfix after this one. Having gone about three months without a public build there's been a lot of bugs that need to be fixed and I'm sure more will be discovered as people play later into the game!

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