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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V7.2 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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Today we're releasing another hotfix to the major Beta Build V7 update we put out on the Experimental Branch earlier this week. The V7 builds remain on the Experimental Branch so you'll need to switch to those branches if you want to get an update over Build V6 (which remains on the normal branches).


  • Trying to access the Aircraft screen after a ground mission (or loading a save) should no longer crash the game.
  • Soldiers should no longer disappear from the Personnel list after ground combat / completing a strategic operation.
  • The crosshair text when throwing a grenade is no longer miniscule.
  • Tooltips should no longer sometimes get stuck to your mouse cursor.
  • Fixed a bug in the shooting logic that was occasionally causing the game to softlock after a shot is fired, or would leave a bullet hanging in mid-air.

Please continue to report bugs if you encounter major issues in the build as we'll continue to release hotfixes as necessary. We think a lot of the bugs in the previous build were caused by the same fundamental issue about when the UI elements were refreshing (now fixed) and we're hoping that fixing it that has cleaned up most of the gameplay issues ... but that might not be the case, so let us know if not!

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