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kickstarter suggestion that may earn you lots of money Chris

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I dont know if this is hard or not to do in terms of code.

It would be damn nice that above "your name" in game you could have a special portrait for it, like a photo that Xeno Devs would modify to blend (graphic wise) with the remaining "vanilla" portrait soldiers.

In tactical missions it would still be vanilla because i dont want Chris team to go nuts rendering all the sprites needed.

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Aiellus the $200 tier and the above tiers already have that.

Pledge $200 or more

50 Backers SOLD OUT (0 of 50 remaining)

As $150, plus our character artist will do a portrait of you from a photograph to accompany the soldier bearing your name. See the FAQ for full details. Please add $10 for international shipping if required.

This also applies to the $500, $1000 and $5000 tiers.

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