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Just joined and wondered if there was going to be any sort of multiplayer to this game.

Me and my brother played the original and implemented our own version in which we

took turns naming soldiers and during missions would only control and move the soldiers

that were under our command. Made for interesting play especially when a favorite

soldier got killed and he wanted to go back to a save and try mission again.

Am wondering also if there is a program that allows remote access to someone else's computer

screen that might allow us to coop the game in this fashion from different locations.

I apologize in advance if these suggestions sound crazy:p

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Here's our Beloved Leader's final judgement on the inclusion of a multiplayer component:

Nope, we can rule it out at this point. It'd be a LOT of effort and we'd rather just get the game finished at this point :)

As to your second enquiry: I dug up a pertinent thread on another forum. I hope it helps in setting up a virtual hotseat gaming session - they sound like a lot of fun!

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yeah single missions just cooping them by way of only moving your own soldiers in turns but working together to complete the same goal. I remember he used to hate that i would carry a live grenade sometimes and get shot before i could even leave the transport killing the whole team sometimes in one turn!

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