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Question to Chris

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Master Chris - Xenonauts 1/2 developer.

I spend 1000+ hours on xenonauts 1 and i must say the idea of the game its very good an fun to play(sry first time on forums), also veteran of xcom 1/2. Top 10 Company of heroes 2 all factions + twitch streamer.

I saw recently posts about base changes + voting in forums so my question to Chris is why not implement 2x types of base mechanice like in Xenonauts 1 and New one in xenonauts 2 so players can choose between 1 and 2 in the start of game. I like when game have more option. Instead of changing current idea for Xenonauts 2. Why not implement both ideas. That will make game more OP and more popular at that point. Same with air combat. What i always say to every new game --- more options = more fun , this would make Xenonauts 2 the most OP game.

Best regards.

CaptainSPrice from www.twitch.tv/Captainsprice 

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Wow, glad to hear you enjoyed Xenonauts 1 so much that you spent 1000 hours on it! :)

Generally the reason why dev teams don't introduce two separate mechanics for the same thing is that it's difficult to balance the game for both mechanics - for example, the personnel capacity of a Living Quarters would probably be different if you were limited to a single base (so could only have a few Living Quarters) compared to if you could build multiple bases (so you could build as many Living Quarters as you like). So you then need to maintain and balance two different versions of the game, which ends up being twice as much work.

The other problem is that one mechanic tends to be the "proper" way to play, and the other mechanic ends up being abused or breaks the game - for instance, I understand the realtime combat in X-Com Apocalypse is pretty abusable and makes difficult missions much easier. At that point you may as well just not include realtime and concentrate on making the turn-based mode even better.

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