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wulf 21

[V5, V5.1 - General] Memory Access Violation Crashes

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I just recently (I think after V5 release) started seeing such crashes. They seem to be pretty low level stuff and not tied directly to the game logic. I can't tell something specific that I did before all of these these crashes, either. Only the last time it crashed directly after loading back to Geoscape from Ground combat.


It automatically brings up the GOG galaxy crash reporting tool, too, so I am not even entirely sure wether this is Xenonaut2s fault or maybe something GOG has changed with their in-game overlay etc. Or maybe since it first appeared after V5, did you maybe change to a different version of the Unity engine between V4 and V5?

I attached the output.zip from the last time the crash happened. The crash report folder mentioned by the "Oops!" message is too big to upload to forum.

I uploaded a zipfile containing all 4 of these crashes that happened so far to mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0aqg983skp33gch/crashes.zip/file

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Can you try deleting the game and reinstalling it from scratch to see if those crashes stop? There's been no major technical changes at our end that could have caused this that I'm aware of.

However, we've had to update our GOG upload tools on the build server because GOG recently updated their pipeline, so potentially it's caused by that.

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