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wulf 21

[V5, V5.1 - Ground Combat] graphical glitches with gas/smoke/fire if different types touch/overlap

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Seems there was introduced some new logic how smoke / gas clouds spread (so they can get higher if there is more gas etc). However combinations of touching clouds of different types produce weird graphical glitches now. In this example the area where my soldier is standing is smoked, while the area where the aliens are standing is gassed. I seperated both areas with a line.

However after throwing the gas near my smoke (smoke was there first), it suddenly looked like the smoke area would contain gas, too. Additionally, this was not like some mix with transparancy, but rather more some disco-like blinking where somtimes the smoke clouds were in foreground, somtimes the gas clouds. (in second screenshot what is in foreground is different). It seems just graphical though, non of my soldiers dropped unconscious. just aliens.

I made a savfile in this state: touching_gas_smoke_bug.zip

Later I did add some more gas and HEVY smoke to the mix which made the chaos complete. Still the only fire burning really is the one from the first screenshot (came from HEVY explosive grenade), but the graphics showed more fires burning near my soldiers now (and blinking, too) - last 2 screenshots:





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See if you can reproduce this after the hotfix comes out. I've tried to reproduce it and I can't get anything weird to happen (I can only get one type of gas to spawn per tile) - maybe it's something we've accidentally fixed while dealing with something else?

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I actually managed to reproduce it in version 5.1. Actually it seems to be yet another thing that is related to the ground combat save system. (I might have saved/loaded the game at some point during the occurence in original post)

Here are the steps:

  • load the gc save: smoke_test.zip (It contains one gas cloud and a fire is burning somewhere on the map)
  • throw a second gas grenade and then smoke, so the 3 of them overlap. Result should look about as in first screenshot
  • Press F5
  • Press F9

Result: The smoked area suddenly looks like it is on fire and the second gassed area looks like it contains smoke and fire, too. And it is blinking what is in foreground (last 2 screenshots)




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