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Logs & Saves - what they do, and where to find them!


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One of the most helpful things you can do when you encounter a crash or bug in your game is to provide us with the log files or a save game that allows us to see the bug for ourselves. This post gives brief instructions on where you can find these and when they are useful to us!


Both of these can be found in their respective subfolders within: My Documents/My Games/Xenonauts-2/

Save Games: The save games are pretty self-explanatory, as the files share a name with the name of the save game within Xenonauts-2. Giving us a save is particularly helpful if it allows us to reproduce a crash - for example if attacking a particular UFO Crash Site always causes a crash, it's really helpful when we get a save game that allows us to attack the Crash Site and cause that crash ourselves.

Game Logs: The logs contain information on all the recent things that have occurred within your game, and they are also the place where any crash errors are dumped to. This means the logs are extremely useful in most situations because they let us see what your game was doing immediately before the problem occurred (and often where in the code a crash occurred). 

In most cases you'll want to grab the file called "output.log", but it's important to know that this always contains the logs for your most recent game - so if you've booted the game up again after the crash (even just to the Main Menu) then the game will have started a new log. The previous log will then be called "output.log.1" and you'll need to provide that instead.

The logs generally provide a lot more information if you're on the Experimental Branch, as this contains debug builds with extra logging enabled!

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