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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V3.1 Hotfix Released!

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Today we're releasing a quick hotfix to the major Beta Build V3 update we put out last Wednesday. This addresses a few of the bigger issues with the game.


  • Some slight balancing on the aliens - weirdly Psyons were previously tougher but less accurate than Sebillians, so I've reversed those roles.
  • Fixed the game crashing at the end of the first turn of combat if a Sebillian with a shield was present on the mission.
  • Civilians should no longer have their hats floating around behind their heads.
  • Civilians should no longer drop Xenonaut corpses when killed.
  • Fixed an issue where units could see and shoot through the diagonal UFO hull sections, allowing aliens to shoot out at you as you approached the UFOs.
  • Fixed some broken animations on the civilians that were potentially causing some crashes.
  • Fixed up some of the doors in the Alien Base not opening correctly.
  • Fixed up old Probe UFO (the small square one) sometimes appearing in Desert Probe maps.
  • Fixed up the Destroyer UFO not actually appearing in some Destroyer crash site maps.
  • Some of the screens in the UFOs / alien base missions were just displaying a purple missing texture rather than their new animations, but this should now be fixed.
  • The post-mission debrief screen now shows the correct values for your soldiers' TU and HP values, rather than their current TU / HP from the final turn of the mission.
  • The post-mission debrief screen now shows the correct value for the "Surviving Civilians" on a mission (previously it showed the number killed).
  • Added a bunch of extra error logging to help us diagnose some of the other issues we've not been able to fully reproduce at our end.

Please continue to let us know if you encounter major issues in the build, particularly if they were bugs you had not seen in V3 prior to the hotfix!

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