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Correct Bug Report Formatting!


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Thanks for taking the time to report issues you've encountered with Xenonauts-2! It'd be great if you could report your bugs with the format below, as that makes it much easier for us to stay on top of the bugs!

  • Title - the thread title should be "[Vx (build number) - Ground Combat / Air Combat / Geoscape / General] Bug Name"
    • ie, "[V1.2 - Ground Combat] Aliens have infinite health!"
    • The version number is found in the bottom left of the Main Menu screen
  • Post:
    • Description: A brief description of the bug - e.g. "I was playing a ground mission and the game crashed to desktop when I was shooting at an alien."
    • What Happened: Exactly what you were doing before the bug occurred - for instance, if you were shooting at an alien then it helps to tell us things like what alien you fired at, which weapon you used, and whether you were using any special fire mode (e.g. were you holding down Ctrl, or just hovering the mouse over the alien?)
    • Further information:
      • Any reproduction steps you know of that allow you to recreate the crash
      • Save files and logs are extremely helpful if we can use them to reproduce the crash at our end. Details on where to find them here.
      • If relevant, please include your computer's technical specs and the resolution you are playing the game at
  • Mods - please don't report bugs if you're using any kind of mod - unfortunately once you start adding mods it's impossible for us to know whether a bug is caused by a mod or our own code!
  • Gameplay Suggestions - this forum is intended for specific bugs. General gameplay or usability suggestions are also welcome but please post them in the Xenonauts-2 General Discussion forums instead!

Using this structure allows us to fix bugs more quickly and prevents us getting confused by duplicate bug reports, or bug reports from old versions of the game. It also means users can easily skim the forum to see if someone has already reported the same bug - if so, then please just post in that thread and add any relevant information you may have!

Having the community regularly reporting bugs really makes a huge difference to the final stability of the game, so we do appreciate you guys helping us out with this!

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