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Xenonauts-2 Crash Report / Game Logs

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Xenonauts-2 has an integrated error reporting service called Raygun.io that, if enabled by the player, will automatically upload crash reports to their webservers that give us detailed information on where in the code that the crash occurred. Players can also manually submit a crash report to us by pressing F11 and then using the "Bug Reporter" tool. If you use either of those methods then we will automatically be sent your game logs and you don't need to worry about attaching any files on the forums!

However you can also manually give us the crash report / game logs if you would prefer not to enable Raygun. By default these can be found in: /Documents/My Games/Xenonauts 2/Logs/

If you could provide the most recent "output.log" and the most recent "recording" file, that should give us what we need to debug any crashes or technical issues you are experiencing!


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