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[1.65L, ground combat] Game crashes, troubles with saves

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Version 1.65 for Linux, bought via Humble Bundle. Launcher says "Release 1.65L Stable (3 March 2016)", when starting it writes to console "INFO: Xenonauts, version 1.0sdl."

1. During ground combat the game occasionally crashes. As it progresses, the crashes seem to become more frequent. At the start I could play for days without trouble, but as I reached December 1979, I get several crashes during each mission.

2. The game now often crashes when I save a game. This results in a corrupted save. See the attached "Quicksave.sav". The correct file from the same mission is "UFO-86-2.sav".

3. When I try to load such corrupted save, the game hangs and stops responding to anything short of SIGKILL. I understand it's impossible to load the broken save, but the game could at least handle it more gracefully.

4. (unrelated to the above) Quick load doesn't work. When I press the quick load key, nothing happens. Manually loading the "QUICKSAVE" game works fine.

5. (unrelated to the above) During the alien base mission the dead enemy commander is represented by the same sprite as the living one. See the attached "base 1-3.sav"





Update: added another broken Quicksave.sav and the corresponding log "2018-03-10 - OutputLog.txt"


2018-03-10 - OutputLog.txt


Update 2: Same crashes with regular saves.

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