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Setting up gas masks?


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Hi, I'm stupidly new at this and have little experience in modding beyond color changes and maps back in Warcraft 3. I started playing Xenonauts because XCOm during the Cold War sounds awesome. But I'm big on customizing my soldier's gear. I've got no issue with the current armours, but on thing came to mind: Where are my M17 NATO gas masks? I'm a sucker for these kinds of things and I want to attempt to just scribble on gas masks on my trooper's armor. I'm not looking to change sprites or stats (heck, I could paint the masks tan and it'd be fine), but I want to tackle this right. I found the image assets, but now I'm not sure where to go next. I have a feeling that if I just edit the armor images I'll crash the game. Any advice for a complete and utter newbie?

Picture for reference


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