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Resuming the public builds!

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Just a quick note to say that we thought we should bring back the public builds to show off some of our recent progress and to give people a little something to play over Christmas!

Our internal target is to put out a new public build on Tuesday 5th December (i.e. one week from today), but that's dependent on the next week of fixes going smoothly - failing that we'll push things back and release one week later on Tuesday 12th December. So even if we don't hit our internal target you won't have too long to wait until you've got something to play!

What's going to be in the build? It's going to be another ground combat mission, this time in a large military base. We'll rotate through different types of missions as the builds continue, so the build after will probably be a crash site mission showing off one of our new UFOs in our remastered farm tileset. Even though a lot of the recent work has gone on "invisible" things, there's still been a number of visual improvements to the game over the past four months so I hope you guys will be impressed.

The idea is that we will polish one or two of these missions up to the point we can use them as a Kickstarter demo for the game, so we'll be interested in hearing your feedback on what we've currently got and what we should prioritise to improve the demo as much as possible in a relatively short time.

(The strategy layer will not be included in the public build ... or at least not yet. Parts of it work quite well and other parts work less well, and I'm uncomfortable showing it off in that state because I worry people will leap to conclusions based on what is not yet working / implemented yet. But maybe we'll show a video or something soon.)

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