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New Mod List Thread


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With the forum change-over, the downloads page has gone.  In terms of distributing mods that isn't problematic.  But the downloads page was also useful for the purposes access as well, i.e. it easy to find and access mods from there without the need to dig through pages of old threads.

Solution!  We need a mods thread like back in the olden days.  I'm posting this here to suggest ways of organising it.  Comments are, of course, welcome.

Option 1: The first post contains links to individual mod threads, organised in some fashion or other.  This post will need to be maintained by someone who will add links to it as requested (probably not a big task these days, once it's been set up, as there's not really much in the way of mod development going on).  This can be organised around different types, like with the old downloads page (geoscape, ground combat, art, etc.)

Option 2: In the thread, mod-creators make their own post with links to their mods.  An individual mod-creator should only have one post and keep all of their links there.  This is more flexible than option 1 and mitigates the need for someone to take responsibility for it all working.  But it lacks the same ability to organise mods into categories (individual posts can do this, but you'd still need to look through each to find mods of a particular kind).

Thoughts on which of these would be best?  Option 1 probably is, if there's someone to look after it.  But that isn't assured.  (I'm almost inclined to volunteer - I've done it before - but am not at all reliable at the moment).

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