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Lets get this done


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I will ask all modders here no matter how big or small the things they worked on to hand in a written report on their experience following this formula. The center of every submission is a single game file, like gameconfig.xml, weapons.xml, or xenopedia.xml.


Title: SUBMISSION - gamefile name- your name

- Submission -

-game file name-

-your name-

Every code line the game file is explained in what it does, NO GUESSING, if you dont know what it does than dont write it down or make a ??? TESTED AND CONFIRMED OPPINIONS ONLY.


Specific questions and specific answers which the main file has something to do with, even if its only slightly


Discoveries & Knowledge

Here you an write down everything which might be usefull regarding the main file and beyond. Discoveries, facts, vague ideas, assumptions, guidance, everything is welcome here.



Heres and example SUBMISSION - aircrafts.xml - Charon



Why should I do this, this is too much work ?

Because we have a lot of people here asking the same questions over and over again, getting stopped from modding by simple steps. Their motivation gets consumed by figuring out basic questions which other modders have solved over and over again, instead of producing new content without any obstacles. Less time figuring out what other peopel figured out a long time ago = MORE CONTENT FOR EVERYONE.


Its still too much work

I know it is, but i think it will pave a way for all new modders giving better ideas and content to the game. I believe its worth it.


There are 3 ways you can submit something.

1. Start a new thread like in the example, i will link to it.

2. Hand your report into an existing thread if its the same game file, I will update the main thread

3. Send me your report and i will make and maintain a thread for you - all credit goes to the original creator.



I would specifically call out to those people who have worked on big projects like:

TacticalDragon - writing an detailed report on your experiences on the AI file would help a lot of people immensly

kabill - Invaluable experiences on a wide branches of topics ranging from armour and vehicles to psionics and UFO spawn

aajs - Adding quite the content to the game and highly experienced in certain areas, like adding dropships for instance :)

Drages - X-Division, ´nough said

Max_Caine - As the forum moderator he knows all the things the forum knows, compiling them would add quite to the hard aquireable knowledge, and he tried mapping :)

Grimples - sounds_gc.xml

All the other modders I havent mentioned here - every little bit can help in making modding a memorable experience, instead of a pain in the ass.


What if i have something which doesnt concern a game file ?

Usually everything is bound to some game files. Mapping for instance can be connected to the GC_LevelEditor.exe. If there is still nothing, write me a pm and let me see if you are right.


Finally there will be a big table of contents with all game files and the content links directly below, either one or many threads.

As long as it follows the aforementioned formula everything is welcomed. Lets get it started guys.

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