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Increased Civilian Count and other addtions

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1 hour ago, Solver said:

Charon, when you say you'd like to add more civilians to all maps, how do you imagine it? Like a setting somewhere that says all maps get 5 more civilians than normal?

This question is completely out of date, but thx for caring.

I have my worksheets set up and am currently working with 500 maps. I can regex any combination of any number of civs and locals into this sheet as i see fit in less than 3 minutes. I can currently work with between 0 and 10 000 maps at the same time. I cant imagine a tool you could make to adjust the number of civs and locals which would come even close to this quality and accuracy.

The question stayed open because i supsected that something was overwriting my changes because we constantly got only 4 civs and 0 locals, no matter the map. Kabill said he thought he knows a file which changes the numbers globally but he didnt return anything yet.

On 7.7.2016 at 1:56 PM, kabill said:

Sorry, was not at my home computer at the time. If I remember I will look later for you.


Although i dont know the solution i fixed it and changed the maps to my liking, and im capable of making future changes in less than 5 minutes so its ok. Other things may need your attention more than this.

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I'm done with a bunch of thing for Drages so I just wanted to check something here in case it's still relevant. Since I looked at the code anyway I can say there is no global file overwriting the civilian settings. There's the number specified in the map, which is always used unless that's a negative number, in which case the civilianCount from missiontypeprops_gc.xml gets used.

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