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How to properly test Mods and changes you made to the game

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The first thing you wanna check is the gameconfig.xml.

There are a lot of variables you can change midgame to test different things out, most importantly "when" you start (if you start a new game):


<startingAlienTicker value="0" comment="The game starts with this alien ticker value." />

Another important thing are the starting airplanes, which set the starting airplanes when you start a new game.

At the bottom are a lot of developer tools, for instance manual increasing items in the store, instant building hack, etc .... . The usual you find in games.

The second and most important tool is the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe. You can find it in the XCE folder.

You can almost control the battlefield, say ground missions, endlessly.

The most important commands are "V" and"U"

"V" is for winning and kills every other unit than Xenos

"U" opens the battlefield UI and there you can do everything, from moving around units on the map to giving ANY unit ANY weapon, etc ...

Other commands are "Ctr+Q" to reveal the map or "Q" for hiding it again, but there are more than that, i think.

Lastly, there are custom parameters: "-Quickbattle" and "-aircmbt" You put those into the .exe links paramter ( right klick link, properties, in the destination line)

But they are buggy and i dont recommend to use them. I didnt get them to work myself but there is an exemplary .bat in the vanilla folder.

To easily test stunned aliens you can equipt your soldiers with stun weapons and move the aliens you want to get stunned around in the battle UI Editor >> easy capture. For the battle UI Editor press "U" when you have started the game from the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe. When you are finished kill all non stunned aliens with "V"

Wanna see what UFOs are spawning across the globe ? Add

<baseBuilding0 type="QuantumCryptologyCenter" xposition="1" yposition="0" orientation="0"/>

to starting buildings in the gameconfig.xml

Post it if you know of more methods to easily and efficiently test mods and other things.

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