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Including translations in X:CE (and auto-enabled)

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Version 0.34 of the Community Edition adds support for automatically enabling translations, and the mod pack of 0.34RC3 already ships a French translation that will be automatically enabled for French-speaking players. It is possible for other translations to be included as well as follows:

  • The translation must be sufficiently complete.
  • A translation for the official 1.59 version is not acceptable, because X:CE adds a number of new strings.
  • As X:CE is still developed, new releases add a small amount of new strings.
  • The translation must be provided as a modular mod (or possibly as one translation mod per mod shipped with X:CE, including the X:CE mods themselves).
  • If the translation is provided as a single mod, it should match the default X:CE mod setup (i.e. including xcesettings, xcebalance).
  • Translations for mods that ship with X:CE enabled by default should be preferably included too.
  • A translation mod should specify it language(s) in the modinfo.xml file using the Languages XML tag, which contains space-separated either ISO short country code or language culture name. If the Windows OS running Xenonauts is configured to use the given language, the mod will be automatically enabled on installation. For example: "fr" will enable the translation for any French speaking country, "pt-BR" will enable the translation for Brazilian Portuguese (but not other Portuguese).
  • A translation mod should specify the mod it translates in the modinfo.xml file using the Translates XML tag, which contains the name of the mod it translates. If a mod translates more than one mod, the Translate tag may be repeated for each of them. The mod will be automatically enabled on installation if any of the mods is enabled (and if also the language should be enabled).

Example of a modinfo.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?><ModInfo><Name>Lore+ (DE)</Name><Version>1.0</Version><Author>the author</Author><Languages>de</Languages><Translates>Lore+</Translates><Description>This translation mod will be automatically enabled for German players if the Lore+ mod is enabled.</Description></ModInfo>

If you are interested in having your translation included with X:CE, please post here, with the necessary information about the mod.

For an example of a working translation, have a look at the FR translation mods shipped with 0.34.

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