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RealAirCombatForXD (X-Division addition, makes air combat more realistic)


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RealAirCombatForXD V1.0

"It now remains hopes only on your skill. They are very well armed and have more powerful technology. They came here not to be substituted under our guns. And they do not forgive mistakes... " - from the speech of the Russian President, before the Kremlin was destroyed by the unexpected blow.


Attention, this mod makes the game VERY DIFFICULT!

First of all..

A VERY MUCH THANKS to the creators of the game "Xenonauts".

And the creators of the original mods:


( You Can't Take the Sky From Me - A Hard Air Combat Mod.)

This is a really cool mod. Thanks for this such a good idea and its implementation. With your mod air combat has evolved from a routine .... in the event of the day ;) Hope you don't mind that I use the concept and some of the settings to combine this experience with the X-Division.

and of course

Drages and X-Division Team (X-Division

Guys, this is something special. The experience of playing now reminds me again first time watching the movie Aliens 2. Thank you for this great work on this mod.

What does it do:

Addition to X-Division It makes air combat more hardcore and more realistic.

- Alien air forces even more dangerous and deadlier.

- All your interceptors are able to maneuver(evade) as they can in real life.

- All your air force have more realistic weapons, and more adequate amount of it on Вoard.

- Made several bug fixes and changes (for example syper-puper havy ENRHYDROGENTORP in original X-Division0.98.2.7 caused only 10 damage... corrected, now 10000).

- Now the air battles X-Division parameters consistent with the complexity of "You Can't Take the Sky From Me" mod.

Feel the power of alien invasion in the air. And have the strength to say: "You Can't Take the Sky From Me".


1. Install X-Division and make sure everything works.

2. Install RealAirCombatForXD any way that you like more.

(for example - сopy the contents of the archive to a folder on the path YourXenonautsGameFolder/assets/mods/)

3. Start the game and activate RealAirCombatForXD at Mod Manager.

4. Make sure the mod RealAirCombatForXD is in the boot list >>>has a higher priority than X-Division<<<.

To do this, using the buttons "Move Up" or "Move Down" place RealAirCombatForXD on the desired location relative to X-Division.

In the Mod Manager`s list it should look like:

1. RealAirCombatForXD

2. X-Division

anyway, if that doesn't work, try the opposite ;)

If you did everything correctly, after starting the game, in the game options menu, on the right from the hand with list, you will see a picture burning and fuming UFO.

5. New game needed. Old save not supported.

Aggrrressive installation:

1. Install X-Division

2. Just copy files:





and folder "backgrounds"

(don't copy modinfo.xml in this type of installation)

from the folder RealAirCombatForXD, which in my archive, directly to the folder YourXenonautsGameFolder/assets/mods/XDivision. Сonfirm the replacement and play NEW game (no saves).

Like I said earlier, if you did everything correctly, after starting the mod, in the game options, on the right from the hand with list, you will see a picture of air combat with UFOs loser(that burns and smokes),

but do not relax, now they will take revenge.......

Sorry for my bad english. I speak rrrussian a little betterrr ;)



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2. Copy the contents of the archive to a folder on the path YourXenonautsGameFolder/assets/mods/

3. Start the game and activate RealAirCombatForXD at Mod Manager.

Why do modders keep recommending people to use the manual installation of mods, especially if it's followed by instructions telling to use the mod manager anyway? Those who know how to install mods manually can handle it themselves, including it being their problem if they get it wrong, and those who don't are better off doing it the proper simple way in the mod manager without any risk of ending up with a messed up install.

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Hey urs.

I didn't expect this coming but it's a nice surprise. Air combat is simple but when you add complex things there is a possibility to lock the game progress. X division got a bit different concept with torpedo carriers which I love them very much. So combining this and Kabill's mod is a very nice idea.

I am still waiting to work on air to finish everything. As I said I am too afraid to make it very hard or very easy.

Ilunak is right. Adding mods with the mod manager should be the first way to use. I recommend manual install for xdivision because it's 2 gb size and ppl can do panic at that waiting.

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I got some ideas about using counter missile weapons for both humans and aliens. And I wanted to add unique weapons to aliens like huge ion cannons from old shoot them up games.

I made some tests and I saw that when you done a wrong manuever you can lose it so easily. I asked myself about this, do the gamers need so tough air combat? İ still got plans but as I said I will add this as last. So 0.99 is using same content but tons of new ufos and I will add some more planes. Maybe after 0.99 released as full, you make something like this for it too.

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drages. Sounds good, hopefully that will be all right to implement ... but what I'm saying? I am sure that you will have a good implementation of all these things . For me the important emphasis on realism (of course as much as possible). Like I said. The game is similar to chess, where you're forced to think about every step of the way. In case of error have to face the death of your subordinates. It teaches order and clarity of thinking. Not good when you're wrong, and the game gives you a second... third ... fourth chance, it teaches bad things. The game is supposed to teach something... good. Am I right?

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