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v.1.59 - MAC - Game cruses at the ground attack

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Hello everybody,

I have a strange situation with game. I have many times won the ground battles, and now with large ship it crashes. My crashdump is here: https://yadi.sk/d/je7ZUTqFhaudW (Yandex Cloud).

Situation: i have 3 bases, alien takes 3 continents. Five UFO's found at my area, all of them was shot down by my aircrafts. I get new point on the map with massive UFO. My aircraft with 10 soldiers came to the UFO and i get a dialog what i decide - to attack or not. I choose to attack, and game crashes.

It is first time ever, i have won 60+ battles in ground mode before.

Please, help. I love this game and want to play more.

Thank you.

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The crash dump isn't a lot of use to us, but if you could post up a save game we can have a look and see if we can help with the crash.

You might have to look inside the game files to find it for the Mac, though - the save games are in the "My Documents" folder within the WINE wrapper I think.

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