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dirty thoughts (about maps)

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Recently I was playing through a new campaign and I realized that i liked the maps that were created by the modding community so much. Their sheer number makes the bloody fight against the alien that much more unpredictable and enjoyable.

However, though i am sure I have not seen all the maps yet through randomization, I get to thinking about how unbloodied they are. The Aliens did not *just* arrived at the map as your soldiers. They didn't just started running for the town the same time you landed.

There seems to be this pristine and untouched qualities to many of our tile set. The cities or military installations under siege by aliens should be filled with dead bodies, pile of bodies (human and xenos), craters, bullet holes, laser holes, signs of mayhem and spilled fluids (bodily or otherwise). Not only that, but many of the tile set lacked that sense of urban decay. No grafitti, no bloodied hand prints, no hopeless or hopeful scrawls of survivors on blasted and blackened walls of ruined and deserted areas.

All that, before the troops even touched down and the aliens start shooting the surviving citizens.

Maybe corpses needed to be modeled or maybe we can add the existing death sprites to the tile set and use them as default map making tiles. What do you guys think?

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It's nice idea for a darker game. I dont think many ppl want so much blood shed at the game. You know its more cartoonish style.. X-Com EU got what you say as i remember..

I think much more civilian at maps can add some atmosphere like that.. They would die before you arrive them anyway.. some bloody/corpse tile sets can be made easily as you said with already corpse/blood graphics used. But editing every map for that kind of atmosphere would take huge time..

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