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Blender template for GC tiles


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Making tiles for Xenonauts (i.e. the walls, props and other objects that fill the ground combat levels) can be difficult as you need to match the precise camera angle and environmental settings to those we originally used.

To make things easier I have decided to provide the template that I used with Blender when creating the original games tiles. This blender file has the following properties:

- The scale of level is set so that model sizes reported in Blender represent the "real" size objects should be in the game world, which lets you scale object correctly

- The Blender grid display is set to match the tile setup in the game i.e. 1 grid tile in blender = 1 tile in the game (which are 1.6m to a side)

- The camera is set with the correct orthographic settings to produce the right size and resolution of image to go into the game

- The lighting environment is set to produce the correct lighting levels from different angles and to reduce over-dark areas

- Both the camera and lights are "animated" where each frame rotates them around the model by 90 degrees, which makes it easy to produce the SE, NE, NW, SW variants for each tile you model with the correct camera/lighting environment by simply flicking through frames (left/right arrow keys)

- A shadow plane with associated shadow-casting light from above, to produce a soft transparent shadow beneath objects rendered above it

- 2 very basic example objects (a 1 tile wide wall, and a 2 tile wide prop)

The Blender file is attached to this post.




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