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Area around delivery vehicle should not go dark

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Just a suggestion, but I would think that, once the troops leave their delivery vehicle/chopper, I for one think that the immediate area around it (the landing zone or LZ) should not go "dark" as unknown or unobserved territory. This is because, presumably, there would be a crew left on it who can keep an eye on the immediate area and there would in real life be some sort of radio contact kept with the ground element which would advise them if hostiles were to approach the landing zone. Just my 2 bits, you may feel differently about it.

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On night missions we'll probably have it lit up. In the normal missions, I'm not sure. It might well be something we do, but mostly because it stops there being any issues with the different tiles in the Chinook not being lit up properly because soldiers can't "see" them (due to quirks in the LOS systems).

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