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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, IMO during the night missions lamps in the street should provide some illumination (terror missions especially, since they are within populated areas). That's all
  2. It seems that on night missions aliens benefit from light sources and flares as much, as our own soldiers, which is good feature. Logically, it would be useful to know if someone is standing near thrown flare or some lamplight. But right now there is no way to distinguish natural light from fov light circle around your troops. So suggestion - some sort of ui toggle button to temporarily disable light around soldiers. Or as a variant toggle to not disable it completely but reduce its intensity or change its color to red or something else.
  3. Just a quick question: Will there be more battlescape lighting than just plain day and night? like a dusk with an orange yellow hue of a setting sun, or dusk, with faint emitting light from a rising sun?
  4. Only two quick suggestions: First, darker. Much darker. I don't really feel claustrophobic, like the dark is hemming me in. I don't even care one bit about chemlights. I should. And along those lines, lamp posts. Little lit areas.