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Found 7 results

  1. lightgemini

    "Wait no more" bullets.

    HI This is an extremely simple mod. Did you ever felt shots speed are way to slow? Did you ever played faster than your soldiers can shoot? Did you ever felt like waiting patiently for all the shots to stop "snail flying" and hit something so you can continue playing? If the answer to any of the above is Yes, then this is the mod for you! This increases the speed of all projectiles in the game except for the rocket launcher (it actually is col they way it is). Changes are: -Ballistic average 2000 speed -Laser average 2500 -Plasma (human) average 1600 -MAG average 2200 -Rockets average No change -Grenades No change -Plasma (Alien) average 1800 -Drones average 1800(light) - 1600(medium-heavy) Thats all, no damage/accuracy/weight edits, just speed. This will override any weapons_gc mod you may already have installed, reverting it to vanilla with more speed. If you have no weapons mods installed you are safe. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqmag03mvlzyid0/weapons_gc.xml Make a copy of your weapons_gc.xml and copy the file to your assets folder and overwrite. Enjoy
  2. Thread for cosmetic improvements you think would make the game better. Please don't start discussion on what I think. Instead add your own. We want to improve the game, not bicker pointlessly until we lose sight of that mutual goal. I don't even care about the stats of the wolf armor, but I so enjoy getting it because of how awesomely cool it looks. that cool look is what makes me feel that it's powerful armor and gives me the joy of equipping my guys with it. It's ALL the difference. These types of thing are very important because the way the player FEELS is basically his game experience, and these cosmetic things make a player feel differently about things happening in the game. This is much more than of functional importance alone. For example, it's important for the player to know that the new ceasean is a higher power caesean, and for that you give it a different armor. But it's much much more important for the players game experience to feel afraid and uncertain of this new enemy, and for that the graphics need to be evocative and more than just functional. So here are things which I think could be done to add, both cosmetically for feeling and for functionality 1) alien shot color --- it's all blue! I think it would make you feel much more 'ow... wtf is that' fearful if suddenly you got an alien shooting an orange bolt at you, or red, corresponding with weapon power. It's a way to make more advanced aliens seem more threatening in a very simple way (simple psychology) 2) Air-combat graphics are tiny! This is functionally problematic, but also in terms of the feeling it evokes. Air combat feels like it lacks 'solidity' because of the tiny figures. I'm sure than making all combatants in aircombat twice as big will give the game a much more meaty feel 3) recoil for laser guns? why is there recoil animation for laser guns? 4) Reaper looks... too cute. The painting is very very well done, but for me it's just too small to be threatening, and its coloring is a bit too drab and uniform. not nearly threatening enough. I'd suggest using colors that we're genetically wired to associate with mortal danger and not give it a 'one color suit'. 5)
  3. First of all, since this is my first post: LOVE this initiative to bring 'alive' good old UFO. Downloaded Xenonauts yesterday, and is thrilled to see the way you have reconstructed this brilliant game - thanks! Second, I got one suggestion, that could improve the sense of reality in combat. When bullets miss their target, they oftentimes miss it by quite a lot! Typically it strays more than 3 tiles to the side of the target. It would seem, that even imperial stormtroppers shouldnt be able to be that unprecise ) My suggestion would therefor be to change the calculation algorithm a bit, so that instead of straying completely of, a missed shot simply strikes next to (or follow a trajectory nearer to) the missed target, making the shot a lot more probable, while still missing the target. I accept that grenades and handguns probably would follow more 'off' trajectories, but surely long-barelled rifles would never miss their target by more than a few feet? (it also bugged me a bit in old UFO). My 2 cents! Best Regards
  4. Another, useless, testing, thing. Greatly(but I leave it still slightly noticeable) increase of laser weapon projectile speed(only laser and only speed) to be close to instant hit. For try how it will feel. http://rghost.ru/41765704 These who not play full game too much to take it through researchers, can(If you don't know) use(for testing purposes) Xenonauts _gc_editor.exe and U hotkey to give your soldiers what you want
  5. One thing that kinda bugs me is that I can't see if someone is shooting at my troops, while out of my line of sight. So whenever I hear plasma fire I just glare at the Hidden Movement screen and pray that it's not directed at me. With the projectiles nicely visible and slow, could it be possible to show us when they are whooshing around our soldiers? It makes sense that your soldiers would see the projectile coming (or going away, if someone tried to shot them from behind), but not it's point of origin.
  6. The modeling of projectiles at present is like in the original X-COM, which seems to work pretty well. But I somehow can't wrap my head around the fact that it's a slow moving white streak. The advantages of this seem to be that this tells us how accurate the shot was, and allows us to trace the path and observe any obstacles along the way. (I'm referring to traditional bullets from traditional arms, of course. I don't know about the alien weapons, etc.) Have the devs checked out the gunfire in Frozen Synapse? Fast projectiles with trails that clearly show the spread/accuracy, bearing and collisions. In addition to being informative, it looks great and much closer to a realistic depiction. Just throwing the idea out there. If there are other specific reasons to prefer the existing design, I am curious to know. As a side note, are there any plans to add muzzle flash or (better) firing animations?
  7. One thing that REALLY bugs me about X-COM inspired games, always seems to be they perspective. Mostly, the bullets. In Xenonauts, the missile from the tank/rocket launcher looks REALLY out of place. And the other thing: The bullets could look like they are going straight into the alien, then without no notice it appears to hit the ground. My Suggestions: Shadows for bullets/missiles. Make missiles fit better with the landscape ect. Make alien bullets better with shadows as well. Make sure the bullet gets closer to the shadow when it gets closer to the ground (Also missile.) Soldier perspective I believe is a bug, so the only thing I'll say is, same as bullets for some things. - Wolfy