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Found 4 results

  1. Just a simple adjustment I'm sure. Please oh please oh please increase the damage healed per activation. I'd just mod it in myself but I honestly gave up trying to figure out how it's working in the script. Always getting odd results. It gets extremely old clicking medkit, then soldier which needs healing, then waiting for animations to finish, and again and again and again. Takes literally 20 mouse clicks just to heal one heavily wounded soldier atm. By no means am I saying I want them cheaper to use, only faster. Pretty please with sexy on top
  2. The medpacks have only 1/50 unit, and cannot heal a bleeding wound at the moment. I used six pack on one guy and he still bled out. Also, is the chance of survival if within the -10 to 0 range on HPs still in?
  3. This is a follow up to this thread back in v14 Soldiers unable to heal each other in a Landing Ship mission. Medikits are in inventory, but all show "0" uses remaining. The reason turns out to be that the Advanced Medikit is now available. Result is that soldiers bleed to death before the end of the mission without medikits. So, you either remove all old kits automatically or allow both to function separately.
  4. It shows up in the inventory/backpack screen, but not when a soldier actually has one in their hands ready to use. It's a leap of faith to click on that black and then get the little medic cursor. Shows up continuously. Somewhat related, mechanics of how they work would be helpful (can only one once? best to use all AP in one turn if you can? better chance of people not being dead after mission?).