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Found 7 results

  1. v.2 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too ~ 4 MB download This mod changes: 3 new ballistic weapons: machine pistol, carbine, flamethrower. custom premade loadouts. soldier roles make use of new gear. 1 new laser weapon: laser shotgun. 1 nerfed laser weapon: laser carbine. new research tree items with according Xenopedia entries. 3 laser weapon variants for sale: can be produced/sold for profit. arms_trade_v2[B4X2].zip
  2. XXP is intended for players who want a vanilla like experience but with some new additions and changes, expanding upon Xenonauts without straying too far from the original. XXP adds 3 new alien types, 10 new weapons, 4 new aircrafts, 4 new UFOs and 1 new building upgrade. All new additions have been made with the intention of each having its own purpose and they all come with Xenopedia artwork and writing imitating the tone and quality of the original entries. The gameplay has been rebalanced/changed in many different areas as well ranging from: Geoscape balance when it comes to the air war vs the ground war | The ground war should be bit more relevant for making money and boosting relations. UFO landing frequency and duration has been drastically increased so you have the option to initiate GC missions without the need for air combat. Crashed UFOs have also been modified so that alien technology and the crew receive damage in the crash, resulting in less alien tech to capture. Each vehicle has been given its own unique abilities | Vehicles now have positive and negative aspects to diffrentiate them more. Hunter - Scout and utility vehicle equipped with various rockets and a secondary machinegun. Scimitar - Infantry support tank equipped with a laser/plasma/MAG cannon and a secondary scatter laser. Also has the ability to drive through buildings and various objects. Hyperion - Artilery vehicle equipped with a laser/plasma/MAG cannon and a secondary cluster rocket system. Also has the ability to drive over water. To use the new secondary weapons you press the L key by default. The old laser/plasma/MAG cannons have also been altered somewhat to diffrentiate more as well. More rocket types have been added | Smoke rockets and more vehicle rockets as well. Stun gas has been changed to damage on contact | No more getting damaged once and then being invulnerable for the rest of the turn. Dropship range and capacity has been altered | Charlie range decreased and Valkyrie range increased. All dropship have a 2+ capacity increase and the Valkyrie can now carry 2 vehicles. AI Changes | Caesans are now more tactical and sneaky, make use of cover and stick together more. Sebillians are now more afraid of fire. Androns will "camp" less, be more aggressive and can crush through walls. Harridans will no longer fly around aimlessly towards the heavens like heathens only to get picked off by snipers. Armour and HP rebalance for aliens | Armoured aliens other than Androns and Drones now actually use armour values, adjusted the HP for various units as well. Weapons rebalance | Weapons adjusted for the armour and HP changes. Plasma and MAGs have been changed so that Plasma does more base damage while MAGs have much better armour penetration (mitigation), making them more effective against highly armoured units. Xenonauts Armour changes | Buzzard made into a recon/sniper suit capable of nightvision and has an accuracy boost, at the cost of smaller viewing arc and thus now requires the live capture of any Harridan unit and can no longer be unlocked by defating drones. Small nightvision boost was added to the Sentinel and Predator armours as well. The Sentinel armour has also been changed to incorporate a counterpsionic system and thus now also requires the live capture of all Caesan psionic units to unlock for research. Lastly, the Predator has received a small armour boost from 70 to 75. Alien crew changes | Harridans and Wraiths have been made into main races instead of being support races for the previous 3 main races (Caesans, Sebillians and Androns). Every main race except the Praetors have been given their unique support race. Praetors now only appear in Battleship and Dreadnought UFOs, and now receive a crew that is mixture of all the other alien main/support races. UFO changes | All UFO types gradually appear instead of completly replacing previous UFO types. UFOs on research missions will land more often and terror missions/base attacks have been increased in frequency as well. Scout missions now slightly increase the main alien ticker size for every minute they are active on the Geoscape. Different missions have specialized crews, for example construction and supply missions have more non-combatants and low level units, while base attacks and terror missions feature more high level units and support races. Alien Base changes | Now grow independently in size rather than being given a fixed sized as the invasion escalates. Discovery changed from automatic discovery to 95% approximate location and 5% automatic discovery every 3 days. Alien Bases no longer damage funding and instead increases the amount of max UFOs by 2. Alien Bases now feature mixed main race units with drone support and more non-combatants. Praetors no longer spawn in alien bases. Alien Weapons are now captureable | No longer auto sold but their accuracy penalty has been increased from 50% to 75%. And many other misc changes and additions | Funding damage/bonus adjustments. Starting soldier stats changed from minimum 35 to 40. Retakeable Xenonaut Bases activated (72h time limit). Dropship RNG survival rate increased when crashing over land. Armour changed to reduce suppression by percentage. Sell captured aliens on the black market. And more...! For more detailed changes check out the changelog included in the download. IMAGES: DOWNLOAD: Nexusmods Also available on Steam Workshop. INSTALLATION: Download and install the latest version of Xenonauts: Community Edition. Download and install the latest versions of the the Tropical and Swamp Tileset and Xenonauts Fix Pack (the ones included with X:CE are outdated). Install XXP and put it at the top of your mod list. Activate the following mods included with X:CE: [xcebalance], [xceextramaps], [xcesettings], [Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000], [Skitso's Improved Tile Art Pack], [Skitso's Alien Base Booster Pack], [Restored Community Map Pack], [Random Map Pack Farm Edition], [Random Map Pack Desert Style], [Random Map Pack Arctic Collection], [NewCars], [Khall's Tundra Tileset], [Khall's More Portraits]. All other mods included with X:CE should be disabled. Optionally download recommended mods and place them below XXP in your mod list. Make sure you don't have any incompatible mods activated (check the compatability section below). Clear your internal scripts folder. For example: [C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal\scripts\] or [C:\Program\Steam\SteamApps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods\internal\scripts\]. Simply delete the scripts folder there. Start a New Game! RECOMMENDED MODS: Hold The Line! | Psionic Rebalance Geographic addition | Adds more cities No click sound | Sanity Booster SteelGonads Names Of The World | Adds many new soldier names and nationalities Ultimate Ambient Sounds LITE | Gives the Ground Combat missions more ambience COMPATABILITY: This mod is not compatible with X-Division or other overhaul mods, Kabill's Tactical Armories or other ground combat and weapon rebalance mods, Armored Assault or other vehicle rebalance mods, Skitso's Sounds of Pain or any other mods that edit human death/injury sounds and any mods that add new armours. UI/script mods that edit _basebuilt.lua, sequipview.lua, combatguiexport.lua and combatguiexport_large.lua must be merged manually or their changes won't apply. Mods that change the art style of the soldier faces must overwrite or disable the new female afri05/06 and asi05/06/07 faces, or you will get vanilla art style faces mixed with the replacements. You must also disable the new Sentinel armour graphics or add faces to it, or you will get headless soldiers when wearing the Sentinel armour in the equip menu. Custom weapons should be compatible (as long as they don't edit the research requirements of existing entries) but balance with XXP can't be guaranteed. XXP also includes variations of some mods that have been edited and merged into XXP. Do not use the following mods with XXP: Better Armour Graphics Unique Teleport Sound More Civilians and Local Forces Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My Lore+ Saracen Reborn Armoured Assault Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters KNOWN ISSUES: Jellynoid slime tiles in some cases floating in the air Creepers being able to move through 1x1 gaps If you find any bugs/issues please report them in this thread or PM me. CREDITS: zzz1010 - Original Creeper Pack mod which was edited, rebalanced and slightly redesigned to create the new Creeper. Max_Caine - Max_Caine's Warehouse mod which included the original Toxic Goo Launcher, Firewall and Glitterglass Grenade which were all edited and rebalanced. Drone Strike Package which included the Smart Weapons, Drone Aircrafts, Attack Frigate UFO and Drone Carrier UFO. These were all edited and rebalanced as well. Many Xenopedia entry texts that were edited in various ways. Ferry Susanto - Toxic Goo Launcher, Firewall and Glitterglass Grenade artwork. Bogdan Bungardean - Drone Aircraft artwork. Marwan Islami - Smart Weapons artwork. skaianDestiny - Vehicle alienium/plasma/fusion rocket artwork which were reworked for the new vehicle rockets. Kabill - Inspiration for the vehicle and dynamic UFO changes. Also the Unique Psionic Attack and next soldier button graphics. Axiomatic - Inspiration from the UFO and crew diversity mod. The "Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My" team (SkaianDestiny, Kabill, Dpelectric, Langy and Ilunak) - original versions of the Assault Lander and Dreadnought that were edited and slightly rebalanced. [Tribe] Lorebot - Inspiration from the Saracen Reborn mod which was edited and slightly rebalanced. IgnusDei (Francois Cannels) - UFO Xenopedia artwork. HenryPonciano - Various Xenopedia artwork. LordJulian - Jackal Armour Graphics. Skitso - Inspiration for dawn/night color correction among other things. Ilunak - Next Soldier UI button .lua script which was merged with XXP's .lua script. chuumink (Henry Wirawan) and unrealsmoker - Local Forces Xenopedia artwork. Di-To - Disappoint Xenopedia artwork. Lightgemini - Improved Projectile Particle effects which were edited. Deathlock - Giant Slime sprite which was edited and converted to Xenonauts. Lore+ team (Max_Caine, a333 and Henry Ponciano) - Lore+ art and Xenopedia entries which were slightly modified. Buzubuzu - "Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters" which was edited to be compatible with XXP and also fixed a Xenopedia bug related to the ReplaceItem() function and the wrong name and graphics for the Fusion Missile. PepeXP - Inspiration for my version of the cover icon overhaul. I was not able to get in contact with all content contributors but I hope it's alright that I used your content to create the Xenonauts X-pansion Pack. Thanks to everyone in the Xenonauts community who contributed with content in some way, which all helped make this mod come to fruition. This mod wouldn't have been possible without all of your previous efforts! You're the best! SPECIAL THANKS: Toby - For being humble and initially gifting me Xenonauts, thus paving the way for the creation of the Xenonauts X-pansion Pack. X:CE team - For making most of the changes possible to implement and still keeping Xenonauts alive. X-Division team - Various insight that helped with the development of the Xenonauts X-pansion Pack. Doctopus - For all the great feedback and bug reports. ...and YOU! - I hope you'll enjoy the XXP and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me or post in this thread.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    24Mb mod for early game. adds ballistic and laser weapons, with research requirements. some laser weapons can be sold for profit has custom loadouts for all weapons and xenopedia /lore entries. requires Community edition.
  4. I wonder if the weapon can have different effectiveness depending on the type of enemy? For example, a plasma weapon would cause high damage to some aliens but they would be more resistant to other types of weapons? Thanks to this, it would require a more thoughtful selection of equipment and appropriate tactics depending on the opponent. This effect should be strong enough so player will seriously consider using the right type of weapon.
  5. Hello, I still have to practice why the how-to-add-a-new-weapon tutorial by Mikhail Ragulin, but I'd like to know before hand if it's possible to have a weapon with: - two fire modes, single and burst; - two ammo effects (damage, radius, type, ...), one ammo effect for each fire mode; - a single ammo clip (or cell). Also, I've seen in weapons_gc.xml a <ammos><ammos/> structure that could possibly contain several <ammo></ammo> definitions, but is it really meant to work? So far, I've seen weapons that can fire different ammo clips (rockets), and weapons that fire same ammo in single and burst fire (rifles). [ADDED] Perhaps I'm more readable if I give some examples: A plasma caster (same plasma battery ammo clip for man-portable version, no visible ammo for mounted version) would have two fire modes, the same way a rifle is proposed two fire modes: single fire and burst fire (only in this case, they both use the same ammo projectile, thus effect on impact). 1)Burst fire would implement the rapid-fire support plasma gun that is described in Xenopaedia, but nowhere to be seen in vanilla Xenonauts (X:CE didn't correct this, even in the balance component, because it wasn't considered as a bug, may be). 2)Single fire would copy what is currently implemented in vanilla: the plasma bomb of old. However, I don't want to design two different ammo "clips" to achieve that (a rapid-fire plasma battery, and a plasma bomb battery). If not possible, I'll better stick to the "Projectiles Overhaul" mod which deletes the Single Fire mode and defines a Burst Fire mode with the desired rapid-fire effect. Another example would be a medikit that could be used to heal Morale damage, aside but not on top of the current Health damage healing. The operator would be thus proposed two "fire" modes: Heal and Tranquilize
  6. So I've been playing a lot of Xenonauts recently and one thing that I'm consistently noticing is that it doesn't really feel as though I'm fighting intelligent opponents. Part of that is an issue I have with the enemy AI, and part of that is an issue that I have with how enemy defenses are set up and the weaponry available to them. The first and most glaringly obvious thing to me is the lack of stationary weapons emplacements whenever we're boarding UFOs. My reasoning is thus: the aliens are a reasonably tactically versed enemy. They also know that humans with some pressing questions and heavy weaponry and explosives will be showing up within 24 hours to speak with them; any longer and (since the UFOs disappear without any cash payment or any mention of any action by local governments) they will be rescued and the craft salvaged. Their larger UFOs are also laid out so that there are several chokepoints with relatively long lines of sight. They are also capable of building burst-fire weaponry. So why is it that we don't see an equivalent of, say, an M2 Browning, a heavy weapon capable of sustained fire that you can set up in one position to cover a certain position? The very first thing I would do if I knew that I only had to hold the ship against enemy attack for a certain amount of time would be to set up a machine gun or equivalent to cover the chokepoints within the ship. The sheer volume of fire that it would be able to deliver and its relatively high ammunition capacity means that you would be able to tear any nosy humans to literal shreds if they tried to get in for quite some time, and since they don't have weaponry capable of going through the walls, it instantly makes the ship much, much more defensible. On the human side, this also increases the tactical usefulness of snipers and rocket launchers, because those let you kill the aliens manning those weapons with relatively little risk to the soldiers in question, as well as explosives (provided we get destructible walls in future), which would let you flank them. I also have a bit of an issue with the enemy AI after you've slaughtered all the aliens in the UFO and are on the way to capturing it. Why is it that the aliens don't immediately converge on the UFO once you've initiated that victory condition? It makes the "five turns after you've occupied it" victory condition a little unnecessary to my thinking, if you're already guaranteed victory after you've captured it, and it'd make it more interesting if you're four turns in with three Xenonauts on the verge of death by bleed-out and then that one bastard of an Sebillian you missed blunders in, resetting the timer. All in all, I think that it's a very fun game with a lot of replay value; I just think that those little additions would make the experience feel that much more real (as real as a game about shooting space aliens can be).
  7. One of the things I find Xenonauts to be lacklustre is in the variation of weaponry. By this I mean that you get every type of weapon at the start (exception: stun weapons and the different types of grenades), with each tier being simply an upgrade over the previous. There are no "unique" (for lack of a better word) weapons. In the files at the moment there are the assets (images, sounds, animations, etc.) for a particle cannon and DHVRL. Particle cannon: This would be the equivalent of an alien plasma cannon. It would be researched around the same time as Predator armour, giving it another weapon type to use instead of machineguns (it already has animations). The weapon should be very heavy, have the heavy weapon penalty and have massive recoil (the stronger the soldier, the more accurate it is) so that though anyone can use it, only extremely strong soldiers or those with predator armour could wield it effectively. Lower radius and damage than the default rocket launcher with plasma rockets (which is the equivilent, i guess),unwieldy and hasn't got the different types of rockets, but has a 4 round battery. It should also have a relatively expensive manufacturing cost for the gun and ammo. Stats im currently testing with: <Weapon name="weapon.particlebeam" bulletType="rocket" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="20" hands="2" recoil="80" weight="12" isHeavy="1" clipSize="4" reloadAPCost="30" reloadSound="Weapon Particle Beam Reload" reactionModifier="1" hpLimit="80" disableDamageScaling="1" /> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Particle Beam Single" delay="1.2" suppressionValue="60" suppressionRadius="4"> <Set1 ap="30" accuracy="40" /> <Set2 ap="40" accuracy="80" /> </SingleShot> <GUIImage name="gui/weapons/ParticleBeam.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/assault_rifle.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="ammo.ballistic.flamethrower" type="energy" damage="150" mitigation="20" isOverdamage="1"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/alienplasma/PLYellow" speed="1600"/> <Impact spectre="particles/aleniumexplosion/aleniumexplosion" radius="2.5" sound="Weapon Plasma Grenade" fireChance="0" smokeChance="10" gasType="GrenadeFragSmoke" /> </Ammo> </Ammos></Weapon> DHVRL Disposable Hyper Velocity Rocket Launcher, this would be a one shot weapon that does massive damage in a small radius, obliterating most single targets. Quite accurate. It is light enough that each soldier could carry one or two (though at the expense of foregoing other equipment) but has the heavy weapon penalty. This would be an end-game item, obtained around when MAG is researched. Causes overdamage. Each unit should have to be manufactured. Stats im currently testing with: <Weapon name="weapon.DHVRL" bulletType="rocket" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="25" hands="2" recoil="0" weight="6" isHeavy="1" clipSize="1" reloadAPCost="25" reloadSound="Weapon Rocket Launcher Reload" reactionModifier="0" isMonoUse="1" hpLimit="80" disableDamageScaling="1" /> <SingleShot sound="Vehicle Weapon MAC Burst" delay="1.2" suppressionValue="60" suppressionRadius="4"> <Set1 ap="30" accuracy="80" /> <Set2 ap="40" accuracy="100" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire/> <GUIImage name="weapons/misc/DHVRLSopen.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/rocketlauncher.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="weapon.rocket.hyper" type="kinetic" damage="200" stunDamage="0" mitigation="50" isOverdamage="1"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/rocket" speed="1700"/> <Impact spectre="particles/smallgrenade/small_grenade" radius="1.5" sound="Weapon HV Rocket" fireChance="20" smokeChance="30" gasType="GrenadeFragSmoke" /> </Ammo> </Ammos></Weapon> The aim of this suggestion is to add more "interesting" weapons throughout the course of the game to keep it fresh. All the stats or when they should be obtained are guesswork, since ive no idea about the mid or end game balance. Here's a "proof of concept" video I made using existing assets (apart from the particle cannon projectile) [video=youtube;p9tGQsDBQL8]
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