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Found 4 results

  1. Pretty simple request, not sure how difficult implementing would be. Just want a toggle, or alt or something key to hold down to "bring aliens/NPCs to the front" as far as mouseover targeting is concerned. Right now it can be pretty terrible attempting to target that alien behind two boxes and a wall, but with the toggle, the ONLY thing the mouse would be able to lock onto would be the alien body behind the crates, as if it were showing up "on top" of everything else. Anyone anyone?
  2. This is an updated set of maps, sub-maps and tiles for the mapping community to use (it's not really of much value unless you're making maps). I've put it together because the mapping community continues to impress, and I've added several sub-maps and a few maps to the game. There's also been some new tiles added. This pack lets the mappers stay up to date with the dev version of the game, so we can test their maps without them being broken due to using obsolete maps. So, here's the changes: - Some submaps added, largely Flash in the Soviet Town but a few in the Desert and a Town / Arctic submap from Stinky too - One of Flash's arctic maps has made it into the game - There are a few new tiles: Soviet factory props updated (recoloured, a few new ones added) Soviet outdoor props updated with new military props (sandbags, crates, a tank) Soviet flat has a full-size window Soviet government building has some new roof tiles and a full-length window that can be used to make shops Desert tileset now has a tank too You can get the updated pack here: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/tilepack_V18_6June.rar (this will take about 90 min to upload, so don't start downloading immediately or you'll get an incomplete file. The full file size is 132mb!) Finally, just a note to remind people that there are red tiles for buildings in the Arctic too. I found them today and was surprised nobody had yet used them!
  3. Chris I am having a major headache with the submap editor constantly crashing. As a result I am unable create submaps or do much with them. I would also like to make maps that are universal without the need for anything other than the .xml. As a result I would like to request by default that tile sets share/have access to more of the outdoor props. Request outdoor props Dead body props - civilians - not to be morbid -but we need terrifying terror sites all vehicles to be on all tile sets - soviets sold to middle east etc. street lights - highway through the countryside etc bins car parks crates/pipes etc to be on all tilesets chain fence universal power station substation submap universal trees tree stumps flowerbeds guard houses plant pots - for gardens waiting chairs for use outside railroad tracks without base colour- like buffers or with concrete base fruit stands park tables picnic bench picnic blankets benches vents for our secret underground bases pipelines- oil desert Railway carriages and connectors buffers haybales I would also like to see Different grass/concrete colours to be universal - the soviet Union/USA are massive countries and you could create something cool within the set aesthetic using different tones. I know you want each tileset to be unique but honestly most of these props would be found world wide and would help to reduce item repetition in maps.
  4. I'd might be nice, considering the 70s setting, to have the lovely squareness of Ford Granadas, Capris & Transit vans on maps (a la The Professionals etc) :-)
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