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Found 5 results

  1. NOTICE! THIS REQUIRES XENONAUTS COMMUNITY EDITION TO FUNCTION This mod changes the speed of projectiles to match the real life projectile. It also revamps the look projectiles. A 5.56 from an M-16 now travels at the proper speed and looks like a 5.56 CHANGES All ballistic weapons All MAG weapons All Human plasma weapons (Projectiles subject to further change) Some Alien weapons Most vehicle weapons IN PROGRESS Laser weapons (Currently the speed is increased to 100000) Rocket Launcher All Alien weapons All vehicle weapons Mod Support PLANNED Enhanced art Please rate this mod if you enjoy it, it really helps! Any feedback, questions, or suggestions are welcome! Projetiles Overhaul 1.0.6.zip
  2. Hi, I have been working on some replacements and would like to get some feedback if it looks good. Special mention is all alien plasma shots wich use a new glow effect I think looks cool but maybe be a bit overdone, any comment on it is welcome. New update to v0.82 - Works with V19 Stable https://www.dropbox.com/s/en8juzlgmrtfh9b/Test%20Shots%20v0.82.zip V0.82: -Update to work with v19 Stable candidate 1 V0.81: -Hotfix for me being dumb and messing X/Y positions. V0.8: -New tank laser shot replaced. -Tank plasma was missing in 19.7, now added. Requires to use vehicleweapons_gc.xml provided in the mod. -Minor tweaks to laser shot. -All MAG shots still pending. ** If you wish to use with older game versions just dont copy vehicleweapons_gc.xml ** ***Compatibility with other mods *** If you want to use the new tank plasma cannon, any mod that edits "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" is incompatible as this mod will revert tank weapons to vanilla or the other mod will undo the new shot image. Mods that rebalances weapons will surely edit it. To merge this mod with other mod, just follow simple steps: 1-Install the desired mod/mods you want to use. 2-Install my Test Shots mod but Dont install the file "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" 3-Open "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" with notepad or whatever you like and look for the following entry: 4-Replace the highlighted line above with spectre="projectiles/heavyplasma/heavyplasma" 5-Save and you are ready to go. Backup folder have original files for uninstall. Please dont just open the images in Windows viewer or whatever, in-game it looks different specially with the glow. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just started playing, when shooting I noticed that projectiles starts from stomach somewhere in that area instead of barrel of a gun. Looks weird. Is there any medicine for that?
  4. I remember raising this issue around the time of the kickstarter, but here goes: 1. Why are bullets rendered as little white ticks? I assume this is so the player can clearly see the trajectory of the bullet. The realistic case (where you can't see the bullet, just its impact) would be confusing indeed. But! Is it possible to replace the ticks with streaks instead? I mean something like gunfire in this here video. If not anything that fancy, then just a solid white streak. Somehow a slow moving bullet really kills the immersion. Also, could the projectile be sped up instead? 2. Bullets originate right now from the center of the tile and not the muzzle of the gun. Thanks to the tile system, I don't suppose there's anything that can be done about this, is there?
  5. I just shot a sebillian with a sniper rifle (89% hit chance) and the round passed straight through him. Killing him instantly. Amazing. If only another one had been stood behind him.
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