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Found 6 results

  1. I noticed a bug with moving the map. This did not happen in previous versions. user_1-2.json Map_moving_Bug.avi
  2. Base radar shouldn't have a circular shape on the map, rather it should follow the same map projection function that is applied to the world map (presumably Mercator). For example it should be possible to cover most of North-America, Siberia and Northern Europe from a single base in Greenland. Airplanes and UFOs should also travel "faster" on the map when at higher latitudes.
  3. Hello there, I finally just fired up Xenonauts for the first time this morning and I immediately noticed something odd. I did a quick search of the forums but did not see anything in reference to what I'm about to point out, so I figured I'd go ahead. The Southwestern portion of the United States border, especially the region between Texas and Mexico, is incorrect according to known standards. A good portion of Texas in the game appears to now belong to Mexico. Is this intentional? Am I missing something from the game's fictional timeline with reference to region of North America? Since I'm from Texas, it's a bit of a sensitive spot, so if this is just an unintended error, I'm hopeful it will be updated at some point to be more exacting. Thanks for your attention.
  4. First of all I want to thank makers of this game! So, back to my questions. Can someone answer them? Sorry if it was answered earlier, I just didnt find it on forum. 1. Cant find battlefield map. If there is non, any plans to make it in future builds? 2. Are there maps with terrain elevation, same as in X-Com or all maps are flat, same as in JA? Any plans to make elevated maps if there is non at the moment? 3. Center on soldier on portrait double click. 4. Personal data of renaimed soldier still show old name. Is this works as intended or will be changed later? --- Sometimes I see random events on GEO map. Ships attacked or people abducted or circles on fields. Can I somehow interact with these events, send soldiers to investigate? Thanks
  5. Hello Folks! Look through discussion threads before posting. Didn't find (may be missed occasionally). I'd like to see top overview of tactical map. May be not detailed, may be very simple. Could be simplified as Pipboy in Fallout. To keep the sense of Old-Good-Times. But indeed. Sometimes, especially in the night missions with rookies I could use it. Thank you.
  6. Was wondering if a Map Screen is going to be added to the combat screen? I think its a huge advantage to strategically set up your troops. Instead of always having to scroll around the map, using the Map Screen would allow us to have an overview of the map and possibly see things we didn't notice before, ex. a ship or a piece of the map unexplored.
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