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Found 6 results

  1. How do you change the workshop or laboraty user interface to be bigger. So it can contain more letters/words. Im especially interested in making the right box of the workshop user interface bigger so i can actually read what is needed for a certain item (X-Division). Extendiing it to the right/bottom would help.
  2. I did not post it to the bugs, just a suggestion to improve the interface. There is no interface of bases when hiring engineers. Although they are present in the production window. The problem is that hiring engineers is related to a specific base, so it is important to be able to choose the base in the menu for hiring engineers. The same for scientists.
  3. Valkyrie is the biggest transport available for Xenonauts, and capable of carrying 12 peoples on-board. But when you looking at list of soldiers assigned to, you can see only 11 of them and 12 need to be scrolled. This is ridiculous because there is a plenty non-used space where we can expand list up to not only 12, but at least 14 or even more. Why we need to scroll for 12? Lets increase list to 12!
  4. In the upper right corner of the main screen we have funds tab which is, sadly, currently unused. What about making it accessible with history of income in it? It could contain history of funding by regions along with information how it changed with each month. This would be a valuable tool, as it could be used to estimate which region needs another base (a steady decline of income in past months from this region would indicate that). I would also like to see all expenses in one place, as currently those are in the base (structures and aircraft) and in the personnel page (wages). Let's have that sorted in one place. What do you think about this idea? Please discuss. PS. Chris, maybe it's already planned in new UI ? (nothing about it in Thread: New Geoscape UI preview!)
  5. Like many other people, I sometimes have trouble clicking exactly where I need to in order to interact with a partially-obstructed target. So, I suggest some hotkey modifiers that change how the selection cursor works. First: Either the default cursor behavior, or perhaps holding ctrl should change the normal cursor to a 'box' cursor like the original xcom one that disregards obstructions and highlights the selectable square. It was a really good idea that works really well in an isometric environment. Perhaps an interface option to set which is default and use ctrl to switch between them? Second: Holding alt or another hotkey should change the targeting selection to aim at the center of ground-level for the selected tile. KABLOOEY! I'm sure we can think of some more possibly useful selection modes. Anyone else have any ideas?
  6. I think the title speaks for itself, cycling between the units by rolling your mouse wheel. Advantages are pretty obvious, and if anyone thinks it would cause problems, just look at how much precision and memorization is used in games like Counter-Strike. Please consider doing this, I think it would save a ton of time and become a favorite feature, even if old school players are all uppity about it until they see the beauty of it, ha ha.
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