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  1. Hi Everyone, To start, I want to confess that I know almost nothing about the original X-com game and am completely new to the series. I am an avid video game player and have spent hundreds of hours playing games across multiple platforms and genres...but unfortunately, I never played X-com. When I heard about this game I was very excited and interested, and i wanted to support the devs by paying for a copy up front. I downloaded the game yesterday and have spent about 6 hours with it. Usually, after about 6 hours, I can get pretty far in a game and can see the variety it offers as well as the depth it contains. This leads me to my main question - over the last 6 hours I'm not sure why, but the variety and pacing seem to be completely lacking in the game. I seem to be doing the same things over and over. I intercept spaceships using the same 3 planes and in the same combat scenario (i.e. the alien craft always come at me in the same pattern and I always use the same combat technique to beat them). Afterwards, I go and retrieve the alien crew using the same map tiles and pretty much the same strategy. My soldiers use the same weapons and my vehicles (or rather my single vehicle) just does the same thing over and over. I thought there would be more variety in the game and I just wanted to ask why it might be missing. Is it because: 1. This game is still in Alpha and the final game will have a lot more mission types, a richer story, a lot more items and a lot more options? 2. Is it because i need more patience and a game like Xenonauts takes 20+ hours to really open up and show me variety? 3. Is this just a tech demo of the game and the real actual gameplay is mostly 90% absent? I feel very bad to say this, but I'm finding myself getting a little bored with the repetitive nature of the game. However, it seems like such an interesting game with so much to offer that I'm just trying to figure out how to get to "the good stuff" where i have a lot of options and interesting weapons and fun missions, etc. I'm sorry for my comments - which may seem a bit immature to the more experienced X-com players - but if anyone can help me to understand what i'm missing, that would really help. Maybe I just need to give the game 6 months more to develop before coming back to it? Thanks p.s. despite my comments above, this really is a great start and what I have played so far seems to point to a very good game in the end.
  2. Hi everybody. This is my first post I bought "preorder" today Xenonauts and I need to say that this game is AWSOME! First time since X-Com in 1994 i have big smaile on face. This game is what we are waiting for almost 20 years. Thank You for that Dev Team and keep good work. I cant wait for next release
  3. Ground Combat I find it difficult to move or select guys right next to a wall opposite of the camera angle. This feels really clunky. I find the intersection of alien ships and terrain is quite confusing. I can't really tell if it is landed, crashed, where the terrain stop and where the ship begins. Right click quick menu your men would be handy. The single / auto fire mode icons are tiny. How about just changing fire mode when I click the big gun graphic?
  4. Hi Everyone, I just finished downloading X-COM UFO Defense from steam before Christmas and playing. I absolutely loved the game back in the day (like 20 years ago), and had an itch to play again. After beating the game I read all about the new (and very dissapointing) X-COM game coming out (what a joke ). After endless searching I found the Xenonaut crew and can happily say that I'm stoked to see others that loved X-COM just like me! I wanted to say hello to all my new furry friends that share a love for turn-based games and had a comment, question and suggestion. Comment: Why has nobody made a good turn-based game for the iPhone? It seems like the perfect platform for an X-COM remake. Question: I'm sitting on the fence about buying Xenonauts for early play. It's not the money holding me back, but the fact that I'm afraid I might play it so much that by the time it's released I'll have played it through. Any ideas on this? Also, is the game playable or bug ridden at this point? Suggestion: I wanted to introduce myself to the forums but didn't see a "Welcome to the Forums" group, perhaps we could add one for new members to say hi? All the best and Happy New Year All, David
  5. Pretty much what it says in the question. I'd love to grab this game for myself and a buddy, but feel I've been burned a couple times buying Alphas/Betas. So far everything sounds really great, but I was hoping for a new press version before I took the plunge. Any ETA? How long before in missions save get done? How's everyone feeling about this game right now? Seems all the posts I've read, pretty much all of them, are positive.
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