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Found 5 results

  1. What kind of game would you wish for Goldhawk Interactive to make next? What I'm about to write below is from left field, but it actually makes sense. I'd love to see a game inspired by Fire Pro Wrestling Returns! It's a strategic 2D wrestling game that has stood the test of time and still considered the best (definitely the most in-depth). It also has a strong fanbase; basically a cult following like X-COM. Isometric 2D gameplay, the art, the strategy … it's a perfect fit for Goldhawk! Alright, now your turn…
  2. Goldhawk is looking to hire one or more Project Leads for future titles – basically, we’re looking for someone who wants to take on the role I am doing on Xenonauts on another project. We are looking to the future for three main reasons: Xenonauts is inching towards completion. We want to retain the services of several team members who have finished their work on Xenonauts, so we need to give them more work. We made the mistake of not having enough technical expertise / infrastructure in place when we started work on Xenonauts, but these are expensive – so spreading the cost across multiple projects makes sense. These future projects will not be diverting any resources away from Xenonauts. The reason why we’re hiring new people is because I don’t think I can do my current job across multiple projects at the same time - and I’m already committed to Xenonauts. The role will involve: Game Design - within the bounds of the design initially agreed with us Community Management - managing the sub-forums and building / working with the community around the game. Project Management - you will need to project manage the staff on the project. We’ll provide the coders, but you’ll have to source the artists. Marketing - you’ll need to do most of the PR and marketing work on the game. Working remotely – unless you’re also in London and want to join us in the office, you’ll be able to work from home. This will be much like setting up your own indie studio, except you’ll benefit from our experience, network and money. In return, you’ll give up some creative freedom and will have to share the financial gain. Development costs will be paid by us, but you’ll be paid via a profit share. Therefore, your pay will be reduced if you overspend on development. Many of the staff here at Goldhawk do not come from a background in video game development, but have got into the industry through a lot of hard work. Technical expertise will help your application, but we will not discount people without it. We are looking for the following in a candidate: Fluent English Loves strategy games Able to commit to at least 20 hours of work a week (can include weekends) Able to work through obstacles that would leave a lesser man a broken, weeping mess Being a talented artist or programmer is helpful, but not required A fair warning here – making a video game is really, really hard. We will do our best to support you, but it will still be a seriously tough job. If you don’t genuinely love video games or are the sort of person who gives up easily, then this role is not for you. If you’re still interested in the job, please send an email to chris@xenonauts.com with the subject “Project Lead Vacancy” and the following information: Name Age Location Current Profession Previous experience, in any field you think is relevant to producing a game Amount of time you can commit If we get sufficient interest, we’ll put together a series of tasks that will test the skills required for the role and send them to the candidates we feel might fit in well here. We are going into this process with open minds, but this is an important role and we are not going to accept anyone if we are not fully confident that they will succeed. Please do not take it personally if we turn you down!
  3. i will tell you in a year or so when this is done;) but it would be a moneymaker AAA+ game with a mini online subscription for pvp .....turn based sandbox game with option to free to play after buying it, but extremely cheap not all this F2P ROBBERS...... very ambitious for a small company.... you would need to raise half a million pounds++ but the game would retail at normal prices recouping the investment plus online revenues...... the idea if the other competitor doesnt do it right ( which i dont think so, it is in a pre beta stage but item shop free BS unity engine game.....no global map/world/resources just 1-1 pvp or so) i will tell you in 1 year , but it hasnt been done properly in 10 years+ the good news is like xenonauts you dont need a license from the original creators.....(but maybe you could actually recruit them/ ask them to co-fund the project....) the franchise is huge around the world and it would need 2 servers 1 europe/america another for the future for asia ( nobody can compete with the japanise/koreans,chinese....they dominate ANY GAME THEY ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY MMO...so destroying them) cyllan
  4. Every once in a while, rhythm based games get released on an unsuspecting public. While games like Guitaur Hero or Rock Band, based on licenced content and plastic toys are the big ones, you also get games like Vib Ribbon, or Rez, or Audioosurf which explore the often untouched area of rhythm games far more deeply than the Hero or Band series of games do. Aleksi, have you ever been a contributor to a rhythm based game? If you have, which one? If you haven't, would you want to?
  5. Hi Chris, Could not find any feedback on it, but i feel you deserve it. I totally agree with you on all points. In addition I would like to point out that most people would understand that buing from a fence is wrong. When it comes to Pirating, the torrentsite becomes a fence. And yes, I have also in my youth gotten hold of pirated goods. Most everyone has. In my case I stopped doing it for ethical reasons, and later when I started working in gaming media it became a matter of fact. And off course, to not be a hypocrite, for me Piracy includes everything. Not only games, but movies and music as well. Thats my 5 cent.
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