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Found 5 results

  1. When hitting a unit, it is necessary to remove part of the Action Points from the unit. The animation shows that the unit at the moment of hitting it - makes movements, lowers and raises the weapon again, but the action points of these movements are not removed.
  2. Hand fragmentation grenade (xenonauts soldier) - completely destroys the brick walls of buildings in the blast radius. Simultaneously: Some aliens survive within the blast radius. (The brick evaporates, but the aliens remain alive). Fragmentation grenades in the game should not cause the walls exactly the same damage as a powerful land mine. The walls are too fragile.
  3. Does anyone else feel that the alien lethality in the early game feels too high? It feels like recruiting soldiers based on HP and loading them with the best armor you can afford is pointless because they still get one shot no matter what. I wouldn't have a problem if it was unarmored soldiers being killed, but it feels extremely frustrating and punishing when one of your soldiers just bites the dust because an alien just one taps your soldier through their armor. What's the point in buying armor if it doesn't save their life or reduce casualties? I think that a soldier that gets downed in one hit through their armor should just fall unconscious for the duration of the mission. They can also make the soldier have an extremely long recovery period while they're at base and not die outright, that way their armor still protects them but you are still a man down during the mission. What do you guys think?
  4. I have played many hours of xenonauts and I have never realized that you can knock out local soldiers and steal their lazer weaponry until pretty recently. You can make some extra money by smacking these soldiers and selling their weapons, which is a pretty corrupt move all things considered. So my real question is can you steal weapons in xen 2 and do you agree with how it has been implemented? Should this mechanic still be allowed in xen 2 or should it be removed entirely? It would be a pretty cool mechanic for you to be able to steal weapons from knocked out soldiers, but you would be directly punished for doing it. It would be pretty great game design if you stole weapons from local forces and then your payment from that particular region gets cut in half for a month. Maybe you can have a secret ending where the xenonauts drive off the aliens and rule the world through violence and corruption, even putting down the efforts of both NATO and the Soviet block. You would obtain this ending by whacking enough local forces and civilians.
  5. I've played the game several times now and am starting to find it stupid how Reapers can outright kill a soldier whenever you're forced into a confined space (even with a shield facing the correct way). Can we change it so they can only zombify a soldier by killing a soldier normally--or maybe a cooldown period before it can zombify again? Of course one could make the argument that I should avoid industrial maps with sebillians--but then again; I shouldn't have to avoid those due to extreme risk of losing a veteran soldier.
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