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Found 6 results

  1. Okay, so I can't understand why can't I deploy interceptors that has less than maximum fuel?
  2. I only played the Kickstarted demo, and have not had a chance to really test out this new one. However, a detail that gets me is how far you can patrol and protect at the early stages. You can barely send a F17 outside your radar range, forcing you to immediately create a new base and wait half a month for it to be operational just to protect another small sphere of influence, unless you want to risk an area giving up funding before the first month is over. I haven't played X-Com in a while (I bet I didn't notice the Alien attacks outside my radar range because that game didn't have those nifty news bulletins) but it just seemed that you could cover a good part of the world without problem. And your transports could reach just about anywhere! Would there be some way to increase flight time and coverage while balancing remaining combat fuel when the fighting actually starts? Or perhaps even have the increased fuel be a research upgrade, so a player could choose between having two bases or one better equipped base. I enjoy the thrill of fighting off UFOs on nothing but fumes, but I want to get there first. Perhaps a patrolling mechanism could be added, where an interceptor would follow a set path and return to base with barely no fuel, refuel, and set out again? It gets tiresome to keep being told "Interceptor low on fuel, return to base?" over and over, and it breaks the flow of the game. Also, on the subject of aircraft; escorts. It's getting sad seeing a group of fighters shoot down a transport plane. Can escorts be assigned to them, like I escort my chinooks? Right now, the best I can do is send an interceptor squadron as far as I can along the transport route, then have the second base's interceptors meet them. I LOVE the idea of UFOs shooting your transports down (maybe now people won't move their scientists and engineers between bases at the end of the month) but you need a fair way to defend against it. At least until a battleship drops into the atmosphere to blow your transport apart.
  3. Hi. Oathbreaker (Coldbear back in my WoW days, made movies etc.) here. Been playing X-Com and Chaos Gate forever, looking forward to Xenonauts and the XCOMEU reboot. 1. No female sprites and asian/african sprite facial colours is a bit of a letdown - here's to hoping you can let someone mod it in. 2. Love the addition of the small, easy, simple tactical air intercept stuff. I wish you'd have an option to "Remain in the fight despite not enough fuel to return to base." - In the real world people have that choice to make and if there's international cooperation you may be able to land at a friendly air base. Then again, might make things too complicated. 2.5 I'm sure it's way too late in the development for this, but here's some easy, simple and realistic immersion-driven things for the current iteration of the tactical air combat stuff: A) as above, button to click saying "screw the fuel restriction, I'm chancing it" with a severe risk of having to eject (very likely over an ocean) and lose the pilot, or getting the plane stuck at an unfriendly airport, or crashing the plane; B) when a modern fighter aircraft takes damage, it's usually not incremental - you take damage and the plane is done, or you might be able to take a little bit more and then you're done and have to eject - the whole 1% increments of damage with enemy attacks taking a certain percentage or "aircraft health points" is a game-driven, imaginary UI, solution that's just fine but hardly immersive. Oh well, it's just a game after all and not a simulation. 3. Carrying big huge heavy stuff in backpacks. Ok, this was done in the original X-Com. But ...really? Stuffing an alien body in your backpack in the same amount of time that it takes you to run 20 feet or fire off your gun on full auto? I have never carried aliens but I have carried other people plenty in the military - they don't stuff into backpacks, generally speaking. Finally, huge props for the tactical air combat innovation and the "hey this building has taken so much damage it should fall down" innovation. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to the finished product. As soon as I've finished building a PC I'll get in on the beta.
  4. The thread about naval missions made me think.. Modern naval forces could do precision strikes too, but even if the game wasn't set in the cold war era combining the two would be a huge hassle. However - Oil rig missions would be really awesome! (thanks to aliencrush for the basic idea) We already have those small "Oil Rig strafed" notices anyway, why not make it a part of the game? It would be the same type of mission as the regular ones, just a different terrain and different gains. I also assume the largest UFOs couldn't fit themselves on an oil rig, that could be another factor. Obviously you'd get a large bonus for defending it without losing civilian workers or destroying equipment, however destroying equipment or losing civ workers would make an equally big dent in your mission reward. It's also a fitting idea otherwise - Jets need fuel too! It would also be a huge change from the usual maps and areas and since most oil rigs are within rather small areas not smack in the middle of the ocean it would be both easy-ish to get to and another strategical decision when placing your bases. "Do I go for the population centre or do I secure our oil/fuel income?" Besides, if I was an alien getting shot down by stone-age jets I'd be so upset I'd blow up any oil sources I could find just out of spite Heck, you could add oil refinery missions too eventually.. We have infinite fuel as is and it should be that way too, but refueling costs money doesn't it? It should, anyway After the aliens get mean, what's stopping us from researching "naval defense batteries" or something along those line to be automatically placed on all oil rigs? This could reduce the chance of aliens going for oil and reduce the amount of aliens that arrive there alive - also giving a small chance of the alien ship crash-landing on the oil rig The opportunities are endless! Also would be nice to know how easily this could be added to the game or if it's ridiculously hard.. I assume it'd be mainly adding another map with or without an UFO in it and adding another target to the UFO attack list and some effects in the budget and refueling costs, am I wrong? TL;DR: -Oil rig missions would be awesome and new and cool -Oil refinery missions could be a long-term goal for development -These could both influence your income and the cost and/or speed of refueling -The addition of oil is logical -It adds to the game without taking anything away -New aspects added to the strategic side of the game (base placement, priorities) Ideas? Credit of the "Oil rigs?" idea goes to Aliencrush, I just refined it and made it into a thread and told you why it would be amazing.
  5. So this came about because of a conversation on tailing the UFOs. Sometimes when I manage to catch UFOs over water, I tell my plane to tail them until over land. However, what occasionally happens is that instead of getting the opportunity to shoot them down, my plane runs out of fuel, and the UFO escapes to space before I get refueled and get the opportunity to engage him again. Perhaps a idea to implement would be a window that says something along the lines of: 10% fuel left until [insert name here] must return to base Do you wish to engage This then gives you the opportunity to down the aircraft, because I'd rather have shot it down over water, than lose points for not downing it at all. Also might be good if you are tailing it and it does whatever it's mission is (shoot down aircraft, attack boats, etc.) for this to come up, so your pilot can try to stop it from succeeding and damaging your points total?
  6. When the fighters are ready to engage the alien ships, we get a pop-up saying who is facing what. But, we're missing a very important piece of information. How much fuel do the fighters have left? If the fighters are down to 10%, I would just forget battle, but with the current system I can't tell until I'm in battle, unless I was watching the fighters the whole time very carefully.
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